Wheel and Rock's New MTB Jersey

Today we have a nice wee review post for you all. As you may have guessed I own a lot of mountain biking gear. I have been biking quite a few years now and I have seen the evolution of women's mountain biking clothing. I think I can say for all of us thank god there is finally a lot more choice in the woman's kit arena. I am super fussy when it come to kit and I hold kit to a very high standard. 

I was very kindly sent a new MTB jersey to put to the test for you all. I have followed Wheel and Rock since nearly the start of this amazing brand. They are a fantastic company which are sustainable, ethical and just all round good brand. They are a brand for bikers by bikers.  Their designs are inspired by big adventures and are based in the lake district. They stock mountain biking jersey for him, her and kids. On the kid size they stock from a size 3-4 for all your mini shredders. Which is awesome. I have a couple friends with little ones and I love to buy them biking kid but small sizes are so hard to find.  Sorry for the side note there they also have framed prints, they have apparel hoodies, T shirts and beanies. They have a great array of stock for a new brand. 

You need to go check them out yourself. Especially if you need Christmas gift for the adventurer in your household. Dame if you need christmas presents for yourself. just pop on over and see for yourself. 

Right without further ado I received the WOMENS Contour MTB Jersey - Berry in size SX currently on sale for £40. This jersey come in four colours The berry which is what I have. Then there are The 2020, ocean, and sunset. 

I am a size 8 but I have a large chest. I am and hourglass shape. I always like to tell you about me before I get into the review. So if you are looking to order this gives you a gage to work with. 

First I am going to have to mention the colours I feel like this was made with me in mind. I am definitely a woman biker who like a bit of pink and purple. I love the vibrance color and the gradient effect pattern on the jersey. The Contour MTB jersey is made with a moisture wicking material and is very breathable. It has a mesh side panel for extra breathability. I would put this is the mid level of material its not to light and not to thick. It is in my opinion just right. You would be fine on a hot day but equally you can add layer no problem and you still feel nice and comfortable. 

As you can see from the photos I have put this jersey to the test. I have actually worn it a few times now. It is such a nice jersey. It is a nice slim fit but you can move around the bike with easy with this on. I also really like the length of this. It hits at the right level. I normally wear my jersey out but you can equally tuck it in and it doesn't bunch up and give you a pouch. If you know you know. I also love the little quote on the side united by adventure. If you are reading this, This quote is made for you and me. 

I could not recommend the Contour MTB Jersey enough but if you need any more convincing it is made from 6 recycled plastic bottle. No new plastic is used in the making of these jerseys. I feel like we all need to start to look closer to home for our cycling kit and to be honestly with kit like this there is no need to look further afield. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review I look forward to doing more for you all. 


The best shoe dryer under £25

Well it's a bet wet outside today isn't it. This has me thinking of the one gadget I could not live without. I mountain bike in all conditions and this include heavy rain. I live near fort william and to say we get rain would be an understatement. So if I didn't bike in the rain I wouldn't bike very often. I want to share with you the one gadget that has changed my after biking game. I don't know about you but I have a lot of biking shoes. A lot ok too many but I have my favorite and I alway want to wear them and therein lies my problem. They get very wet on rainy days as do my feet. Yes I wear sealskinz so my feet are not wet by my shoes certainly are. 

I was searching the internet for solution when I had a eureka moment. A shoe dryer. I decided I didn't want to spend a fortune on this as well I spend enough money on my favorite pastime so I chose Upstartech Boots Dryer Electric Foot Warmer From amazon. This cost me £16.99 as it was on sale at the time it's now £21.99. I have just checked my order date and it was my birthday oh well it must have been a birthday gift from me to me. 

Here is the description 

Unique Functions of the shoe dryer:
The boot dryer is the only one of its kind to include a 120-minute timer, with the option to keep it
running as long as 2 hours and have it shut off automatically,without any damage to your shoes and boots

Ultra Effective:
Silently dries and deodorizes footwear, Less electricity use, Keeping your footwear comfortable and dry. Antimicrobial and deodorant dehumidification: Adopting the innovative technology, helps remove odors from perspiration and bacteria, dries, dehumidifies,and deodorizes

I was a bit apprehensive for this to arrive. It arrived quickly and I put it to the test almost immediately. Let's face it we get the rain up here all year round. This is how it arrives and how you store it which is nice and compact. 

To use you just fold out the little arms and pop your shoes on top of them to dry them. It is super easy to use you just decided the program from the control panel. To dry I just used the preset button which is set to 20 minute intervals. You can easily change the amount of time you would like your shoes on for. 

Here's my timings that is use this is to get my fivetens completely dry. I mean completely like they were never wet in the first place.

Completely soaking less shoe more canoe 2/3 x 20 min
Wet 2 x 20 min 
Damp 1 x 20 min. 

To deodorize all you need to do is press the ozone button. I have only used this a couple of times. Mostly on my husbands shoes. 

I have used this shoe dryer since july and I can honestly say this is the best purchase I have made under £25. If you are looking to make a practical gift this is the one I would give anyone. I could not recommend this shoe dryer enough. It has by far changed the game for me in drying my shoes. No of course this shore dryer can be used for any shoes from your ski boots to your normal trainers and even gloves. Yes I have even dried my knee pads on these. This dryer really has changed my kit drying game and I am so happy I have found it. 

Please excuse the bad photos I have been waiting for my new phone for so long and I wanted to get this out incase you are looking for a good shoe dryer. 

I hope you enjoyed this shoe dryer review and I hope this can help you keep your feet warm and cosy instead of kinda dame and cold.