Valentines gift guide for mountain bikers and cyclists.

Well, it's almost Valentine Day. You know that day of the year where you show your other half how much you love them. Well, that is how it goes, isn't it?   Not everyone celebrates Valentine's day and I totally get that but for those of us that do it is a tricky one isn't it especially if your other half is a mountain biker or cyclist like you are. I am not saying that the traditional gift of flowers, chocolate and aftershave is without merit but I know I prefer a thoughtful mtb gift. 

Today I wanted to make a list of gifts for the cyclist in your life. After the huge success of my Christmas guide. I honestly can not thank you all enough for all the sharing and caring you all did. To say I was overwhelmed watching the views go up was an understatement. It did show me that us mountain bikers are hard to buy for so there is a need for a quick and easy gift guide. Again I will try to focus on littler brands where I can because let's give our support to the little brands too. Some of these items will have been featured in my Christmas guide. 

Brakes and components 

Hope Technology. Full discloser I am a Hope ambassador. But I have also been a Hope lover for many years. I actually got my first set of Hope Tech E4 brakes for a birthday a few years ago. I credit them to changing my riding for the better I am not exaggerating. Hope products just hit differently. I fully recommend if you are going to buy one big item from Hope to start your love affair with you need their brakes. They are ride changing. I will write a full post on these brakes. Hope also has a collaboration with endura if you need kit it is insane. I can recommend the clothing and of course, if you need any components you need to check out Hope Technology. I promise no one would be disappointed with a Hope item this valentine day


mudhugger is the perfect gift. Mudhugger does a huge range of options in mudguards and accessories. I have the brand new Evo bolt-on version on my bike. The mudguards are customisable too you can buy decals for your Mudhugger so it can match the bike you are buying for. They have won numerous awards and they really are awesome for this time of year. Plus they are made from recycled plastics.  You may have seen on my Instagram I am now an ambassador for this incredible British brand.  I will be doing a full post on my Mudhugger soon but huge spoiler It is amazing and there is no more mud in my eye! You need one. 

Bike protection

Rimpact is also known as the things that save your wheels. I have tyre inserts in all my bikes they are worth there money ten times over. Especially with the type of riding I do. I would not be without tyre inserts. 

What the brand says

"There is more to a good tyre insert than meets the eye. We learned this the hard way, buying some off the shelf foam, shaping it and proceeding to wreck our wheels. We've tested prototypes, learned, redesigned and tested again. And again. And again. The result is two high-performance products that are unique in providing an improvement in performance without any of the drawbacks tyre inserts from other brands cause"


Tyres are always a fantastic gift. I know I would be delighted with new tyres. I like the look of these Michelin Wild Enduro Magi-X Tyre. Michelin offers a fantastic range of Mtb tyres and their mud tyres would be perfect for the conditions right now here in the Highlands. The gift of grip is an awesome option. Just make sure you order the right size for your other half bike or order the size of your own bike by accident. I mean accidents happen right? 

What the brand says 

The Michelin Wild Enduro Magi-X Front MTB Tyre has been developed to provide better grip at high speed, specifically suited to Enduro competitors seeking top performance.

The tread pattern is optimised for front wheel use with a block design that provides more progression, terrain versatility and maximum braking grip. This 2.4 inch wide tyre utilises a Magi-X2 compound, a new generation of top performance rubber providing maximum braking and cornering grip in all conditions and temperatures, even at very high speeds.

The Wild Enduro tyre also offers excellent levels of protection thanks to the strong but lightweight "Gravity Shield" 3x60 TPI casing designed for rear-mounted Enduro riding. This new-generation casing design with high-density reinforcements provides exceptional levels of durability and has been approved by Enduro World Series riders
Juice lubes have a fantastic little bundle of everything you could need to for cleaning and protecting your pretty little bike. I mean your big manly bike. A big no brainer for any biker is items to clean and protect your bike.

What the brand says

Pack contains: Dirt Juice Super – Degreaser, Dirt Juice – Cleaner,  Frame Juice Polish & Protector Spray, Viking Juice Chain Lube, Dirty Little Scrubber Chain CleanerThis big value gift bundle equates to a 25% saving over buying these items separately. Even better, Dirt Juice Super dilutes to create 10L of bike wash. With this bundle, you shouldn’t need to buy a bike wash again for months.

Waterproof socks. These make the best gift. I do not know a mountain biker that doesn't have waterproof socks. You need them these are by Dexshell. They are fun and practical. Plus they do these cool designs they also do more plain ones so there is something for everyone, 

What the brand says
"It’s official! We’re now market leaders, with our technically advanced, reliable and proven Element Repellent range of socks, hats and gloves. Recently tested against leading rivals, our products came out 30% more efficient on overall performance. They can effectively defy the cold, the wet, the dry as well as the heat. They protect as reliably as they perform, they are proven to be the best in the market and we intend to keep them there!"

Every biker needs some goggle and these are Melon. I haven't tried these ones myself but one of my best friends loves them. He swears by them and that recommendation is good enough for me. This is another small brand. I love that with melon you are in full control of your goggles. Everything is customisable. From the frame to the strap and lens you are in charge of your perfect goggles. meaning you can match them to any helmet. 

What the brand says
"Melon is an independent brand made up of hard-working, shred loving, outside of the box kind of people.
We truly love the products we make and the brand we build. We can’t get enough of the sports we craft our products to perform in, and we cheer a beer to anyone who makes the choice to rock our eyewear for their adventures. Based wherever we feel is right for our soul, we collaborate remotely and use our many friends across the world to help us in testing and approving our performance products before they reach your face. Join us in seeing things differently, and take creative control of your eyewear."

Phone and GoPro accessories

Using a GoPro is becoming common place. So with this, you need to mount it somehow to yourself or your bike. Enter Snap mounts for your GoPro. These are gaining popularity in the MTB community. They look super clever and an interesting way to mount your GoPro instead of the normal harness. I have these on order and will do a review of these soon but they look amazing

What the brand says 
"The versatile, two part magnetic GoPro action camera mount that allows you to mount your GoPro and DJI Osmo Action to any material less than 1/4″ as well as most metallic surfaces. Compatible with GoPro Hero 9 also the GoPro Hero 3/4/5/6/7/8 and Session 4/5. Two part, magnetic compression design allows for quick and easy attachment to shirts, jackets, backpacks, windows or any ferrous metal surface."
Next up a recommendation from my other half. Quad lock phone cases. My husband has had this for ages and swears by it. It uses it on his bike and in the car for mounting his phone. He uses it more on his road bike and Zwift than on his MTB but this does look really good. The case it really protective too. 

What the brand says
"Quad Lock® is the strongest and most secure mounting system in the UK that integrates your smartphone into an active lifestyle. The unique approach of integrating the mounting interface into a slim and durable everyday case allows the Quad Lock® mounts to be much smaller than any other mount on the market."

Speaking of GoPro if you have the Hero 9 like me. I would highly recommend the HERO9 Black Max Lens Mod This lens if GoPro video life-changing. It is incredible. This will be getting its own review but if you own a GoPro you need to invest in this lens before you buy anything else. It is a game change

What GoPro says 
Max out your stabilization and field of view with the Max Lens Mod—combining unbreakable Max HyperSmooth stabilization with an ultra-wide 155˚ FOV digital lens.
Max HyperSmooth for unbreakable video stabilization up to 2.7K60
Ultra-wide angle 155˚ FOV for enhanced perspective and improved depth of field
Horizon lock keeps your videos on the horizontal or vertical axis, even if your camera is mounted off-center or rotates a full 360°
Max Timewarp for our smoothest TimeWarp video yet.

Sender Ramps If like me your other half is like me and desperate to learn how to jump properly then why not consider buying a Sender ramp. They have a huge range of product from ramps to balance boards to manual machines to pain cave set ups they have you covered. . What is awesome is this is a Scottish company too. The kits look amazing and will defo help you perfect your jumping style. 

This is our favourite multitool Topeak Mini 20 Pro Bike Multitool - Gold. This has everything you need on it for hitting the trails. A must for every rider. 

What the brand says 

"Professional quality, one-piece, lightweight folding tool offering hardened steel tools with 20 functions. A forged aluminium body resists torque. 
Tools Include: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Allen keys, T25 Torx wrench 
tools include: Hard-anodised alloy tyre lever, Spoke wrenches (15g/14g/Mavic M7/Shimano compatible), Phillips & flathead screwdrivers and Steel bottle opener with spoke holder 
Chain tool - compatible with all chains except Campagnolo 11 speed hollow pin chains. Includes Chain Hook. includes a self-tightening tool and a neoprene bag. The perfect tool for endurance racing, training and touring"

little items.


Well, isn't this the cutest little thing! This is a bike duck. I have to say I had never heard of these but apparently, they have a bit of cult following. I would like to thank the admins of a woman's MTB group I am part of for this entry. To be honestly they helped a lot with this guide. So thank you, lovely ladies. But how friking adorable is this little fellow. No more lonely solo spins when you have your Bike duck. They come in a range of styles and they are lights and bell and under £4. I mean how can you not order one? 


Bikepacking: Mountain Bike Camping Adventures on the Wild Trails of Britain (Mountain Bike Adventures) This book is for the adventurer who wants to hit the trails bike packing. This has come highly recommended to me. You just need to take a look at the reviews on Amazon to know this is a winner. 

I have this book sat beside me to read and it looks incredible. Making it the perfect gift. 

What the author says
It’s time we celebrated women in adventure

"What does "toughness" mean to you? Perhaps it’s being physically fit and mentally resilient. Perhaps it’s doing something no one else has done before. Perhaps it’s breaking down boundaries and proving what you can do, in spite of the naysayers. Perhaps it’s travelling alone, immersing yourself in new cultures and meeting new people. Perhaps it’s running ultramarathons in the blistering heat and beating the competition. Perhaps it’s conquering your fears.

The badass adventurers in this collection are all fearless, intelligent, compassionate and curious about the world – and they all happen to be female. From endurance obstacle races to arctic expeditions, from mountain climbing to wingsuit flying, from horse trekking to swimming the English Channel, they have set the bar high for what women are capable of. Let yourself be inspired by their stories of grit, courage, determination, triumph and heartbreak – you never know, it might lead to something incredible!"

The little helpful bits you don't think about.

These are hands down the best tyre Levers they are the Pedros Pink Tyre Levers (Pair). You can get other colours If pink is not your style. What I will say is the pink ones are the cheapest. This clip together you don't lose them and you can fit them in your pocket or bag. 

What the brand says
"Ergonomic shape is easier to remove tyres rather than standard levers. Made from strong, durable plastic, that won't bend and break. Ideal for difficult tight-fitting tyres"

Next up we have Spokey Pro . This is the best spoke wrench we have ever owned. I have managed to find these in a UK store for you as we have actually ordered them from the USA. 

What the brand says

"Professional standard spoke wrench in a classic design.
Comfortable to use with its large round shape.
Brightly coloured and easy to find in your tool box.
Two alloy inserts grip the maximum surface area on all four sides of the nipples surface.
Perfect for use with alloy and coloured nipples.
Fits US and Euro spoke sizes (3.25mm)."

I would be doing an injustice if I didn't mention to you all that my lovely friend and fellow biker Emma Milford does the most amazing painting and is taking commissions at the moment. She so talented and her art funds her van life adventures. Why not give the most special gift this valentine of a one of a kind painting and get major brownie points from your other half. 

Trail dog
I would be doing an injustice if I didn't mention The trail dogs right? I mean they need to be shown love too at valentines. 

Here we have a fantastic Scottish brand.  Bark and Ride they Based not too far away from me in Aviemore. If you are looking to treat that faithful trail companion why not take a look at Bark and rides products. They have the cutest valentines lockdown hamper.  They have everything from this warm and cosy jacket to leads and harness to gifts for the humans too. They stock candles to T-shirts so why not buy the human you love something from this lovely brand. I am pretty sure you will find a gift there and support a little British brand. Win. 

What the brand says. 

"BARK + RIDE “adventures are for sharing”

I hope you enjoyed this little guide.