Endura Mt500 Burner Pants review

Today we are talking mountain biking trousers. I did a poll over on my Instagram on what you would like a review of and the trousers won. So today we are talking about my all-time favourite mountain biking trousers. 

The Endura MT500 Burner pants. I have had a few pairs of mountain biking trousers over the years and have always not really been happy they never fitted me right some were a very strange fit or style. I even had one pair that got caught on my bike every time I wore them. How one earth these got through the design process I have no idea. 

To be fair this was early on in my mountain biking journey. This was all before I had tried any Endura trousers. It was one of my closest friends who started to rave about Endura trousers. She had the MT500 spray pants and convinced me to buy some and I have never looked back. If you look carefully at my Instagram over winter I lived in them but today we are going to talk about my new addition with it being spring summer I have swapped out my Endura MT500 spray pants for the Endura MT500 burner pants

These are the Women's Endura Mt500 burner pants in spruce green. When I was little I was obsessed with this colour and I think I am now living out my childhood dream of being dressed head to toe in this colour along with my now favourite pink of course. The colour of these might be amazing and worth buying them for just that but wait till I explain some of the very clever features these mountain biking trousers have. 

Sizing wise I am a 6/8 and I am wearing a size XS when I was a size 10 I wore an S. I hope that gives you an indication of the sizing. I am also wearing the Endura women's single track liner underneath. The MT500 Burner Pants have the Clickfast poppers feature so any of Endura's Clickfast liners can be worn with them also. 

The Mt500 burner pants are made out of a 4-way stretch fabric. Meaning that there is complete freedom of movement and your feel comfortable on the bike. These are a close fit style of trousers meaning no extra material to get in the way of your riding. They are described as a pre-curved contemporary silhouette I would agree with that. 

These are worn by the likes of Rachel Atherton and Mikayla Parton. So you know they are good. I mean if they are good enough for the podium they are more than good enough for me. Plus both these ladies' race kits are always phenomenal.  

They have a waist adjuster to help keep them in place. I really like this feature. I tend to have mine on the tightest setting. This is a velcro fastening and it makes them really adjustable tighter or looser. 

The waist at the front has a zip, popper and velcro fastening to really make sure there is no way of your pants falling down. I mean that would be pretty embarrassing. 

Knee pad compatible
They are also Knee pad friendly I am wearing the Endura's MT500 hard shell knee pads which are the biggest in the endura range and these look slimline under these Mt500 Burner pants. It's almost like magic how slim they look under these. 

Other notable features
The Endura burner trousers also feature two zip pockets to secure your items. They also feature some ventilation holes for extra comfort on sweaty rides. These are on the knees and crotch area. 

My review
I was first struck by the colour I am not going to lie about that I was a bit superficial. I mean being Endura I know they would be great but I don't think I was ready for just how great they are. They fit like a dream and I do not say that lightly. I am a small person and finding things to fit me can be so hard. I am not saying this to be boastful as I have been a UK size 24 before and I know the struggle on the other end too. I am just stating it as a fact for me right now. I am also 5ft6 if that helps. 

There is so much adjustment on the waist and this really helps people of my shape. I am an hourglass so I carry my weight on my hips bum and boobs. 

I love that my knee pads fit so nicely underneath. The trouser material stretches and this really does help with freedom of movement on the bike. It is also nice and lightweight and perfect for summer and spring biking. 

Have I crashed in them? Yes Yes I have I am currently learning clip pedals and I have had a few falls in these pants and there has been not a scratch on them. Considering one of the crashes was knee onto a very large rock I have no idea how I didn't rip the trousers. 

Unlike normal people, I have put clips on and headed to my normal trails in Fort William. I mean I am sure most people learn on greens and blue but there is a normal way and my way. At least I can hand on heart say these women's burner pants are durable. I have definitely put them to the test on my trail bike and on my downhill bike. 

I am really impressed with Endura Women MT500 Burner Pants and I am sure you will all see me in these time and time again.  


MT500 Freezing Point Gloves -The perfect winter glove?

Today we are talking winter gloves. First things, first you need to know that I suffer really badly in winter with cold hands and have Raynaud's disease. Raynauds means the blood vessels in my hand overreact to the cold basically this means when the temperature falls I suffer from painful and numb hands and toes.

So I am a good test of any winter gloves. Over the years I have tried so many gloves claiming to be the best on the market and game-changers but for me, they just didn't work. I would still struggle and have to stop and take the gloves off and try to warm up my hands constantly. I know this must make me a really fun riding companion but it is the only way I can stay out in winter and you know being able to actually feel the handlebars I am gripping is kinda important in mountain biking. 

Enter The Endura MT500 Freezing Point Gloves

So what makes them special. 

Firstly we all know Endura makes great kit. I have used Endura kit for years and I have a pair of their windproof gloves from years ago that are still one of my most reached for pairs of gloves. They just work and I love them. So being Endura I know the quality will be good. 

The sizing and price

The gloves sizing range goes from XS to XXL so a really good range of sizing. There is a size guide on the Endura site.  I have a size small.  They are £59.99 which is a bargain for the quality.  

What makes them so good for cold weather? 

The MT500 Freezing Point Gloves are made with PrimaLoft® Gold Active Insulation. This is a world leader in warmth to weight ratio. PrimaLoft® Gold Active Insulation is a water repellant. It has 4-way stretch and awesome breathability. Not only that but it packs down small making it ideal for mountain bike gloves.  You would like with all that insolation it would be really bulky but It is not. I still have really good control on the bars. The MT500 Freezing point gloves also have silicone palm prints to help you get even more grip on the bars helping you stay in control even on the coldest days. 

Are they really waterproof? 
Yes, I was wearing these in a snow and sleet storm and my hands stayed nice and warm and dry. 

Other notable features
The MT500 freezing point gloves have a stretch softshell backhand and fingers for added comfort and control. They have a PFC-free non-toxic durable water repellent finish. 

They have a long cuff so they are really easy to pull on and off. As you can see they easily cover my Garmin watch. I have it rolled up in the photo above. Actually, I forgot to roll it down as I was looking for the miles I had just done my bad. I also found the gloves to be really breathable too. 

My Review

My first test of these gloves was on a very cold and snowy day in Fort William. I headed out in the morning when the temperatures were still extremely low. It wasn't until I was at the top of the Torlundy climb which is about 3 miles from Nevis Range that I realised I had not stopped to warm my hands. Now, this might seem like nothing to you. But I would normally stop about four times on this climb to warm up my hands so I can grip the bars. Now this particular day the ground was still very frozen with ice under fresh snow and it was very cold indeed. If you suffer like me with the cold you will be really impressed with these gloves. 

I am always a bit worried about winter gloves that they will be too bulky and not give me any bar control. But luckily these give me lots of grip and control even in a snowstorm. Yes, they are thicker than summer gloves but you need that for the warmth. I have to say I am very impressed with these gloves and I am so glad I have them now. I know these will help me stay out longer on the colder days. What more can you want from winter gloves. How has it taken me this long to find them? 

I hope you enjoyed this little review and I will be back with more soon. If you have any questions do get in touch I am always happy to help in any way. 


New Endura Footwear 2022 - Hummvee flat pedal shoes unboxing

This has been a hard secret to keep but I have known that Endura is releasing mountain biking shoes for a little while. Here is where being an ambassador for this incredible brand is even more awesome. 

Endura has three different pairs of shoes hitting the market, The Hummvee flat pedal shoes, Mt500 Burner clipless shoes and the MT500 Burner flat pedal shoes. I have been very lucky and I have had my hands-on Hummvee Flat pedal shoes in the colour pebble before the actual release. 

I'll let you in on a little secret Endura sent these to their athletes and people like me to give them our honest feedback. They are constantly striving to make the kit as good as they possibly can. They know one of the ways to do this is to get feedback about products from people who actually use them and I am here for that! I love that they really care about each and every product and put so much effort and research into each and every item they sell. 

But you are not here for me to tell you how much I love this brand you are here to read my unboxing. If you don't know me I am a mountain biker in the Scottish Highlands and my local trails are in Fort William. I ride in all weathers (well you have to up here) I enjoy trail centre trails, downhill and of course local off-piste trails. So I am in a very good position to review items and put them to the test. 

So let's get into it. Let me introduce you to the Hummvee Flat pedal shoes in Pebble. 

The design. 

Endura has decided to do something completely different with their shoes and actually start with an ergonomistry philosophy and the collection is highly engineered and backed by medical science which helps the rider to ride harder for longer. 

The inner sole 

A lot of us, me included never really thinks about the inside of our biking shoes. I mean I know before I haven't except when you find them uncomfortable or have other problems. But we should all really be paying attention to our feet and what we put them in right? Comfy feet = staying out riding longer after all!

The power arch

This inner sole is an Ortholite recycled insole with a comfort footbed it is profiled and contoured to help to support the arch of your foot which will help your feet deal with the different demands put on it by alternating between riding and walking. This will give better power transfer and ultimately more comfort. We all know comfort is key. I actually tore my Achilles and I know all about the power of a really good inner sole and the protection and prevention of damage this can help prevent. 

Sole stimulant 

These are the small raised dots you can feel on the innersole. These are placed strategically to help your foot's proprioception.  This is designed to help your feet to soften and stiffen when needed. 

Metatarsal Button

This helps to spread your big toe from the rest of your toes this will help your toes from scrunching up when riding. This will help to improve the function and comfort when riding. Let's face it we put a lot of force through our feet when we ride, don't we?  

The Sole

Featuring Endura's Sticky foot rubber compound. This has been designed for us modern mountain bikers. It uses a unique concoction of ingredients to offer us the riders the perfect combination of pedal grip durability, unrivalled performance and a long lifespan. 

The sticky foot grip is used all over the Endura Hummvee flat pedal shoes this offers the maximum grip on the pins of our pedals. This helps to lock the foot on and lessen pedal slips. 

The Sizing

For a first launch, The Endura Hummee flat pedals come in a huge range of sizes from UK 5 to UK12, There are half sizes available from size 6.5UK to 10.5UK. This is a great range of sizing and I really appreciate the half sizing. My other half normally has issues getting half sizes in biking shoes. So If I am feeling kind and want to treat him at some point I can get his perfect fit. 

The Hummvee colours

This range comes in 4 colours mine are called Pebble. They also come in Black, Olive Green and Navy. The Hummvee flat shoes in pebble also come with the option of orange and pebble coloured laces. These match the orange accent of the shoes. I really love the option to personalise my shoes. You may have seen I have done this on my old shoes. I just love a bit of colour. So I think I might just change them out for the orange laces soon. 


The price

These are priced at £89.99

Other notable features

The Humvee flat pedal shoes are lightweight and made from durable PU upper. They are also Low absorbency with a quick-dry lining. I mean how often have you had to wear damp MTB shoes. So quick-drying materials are always welcome. 

They feature an elasticated lace stash. Where has this been all my riding days? Has anyone else had to stop mid-ride to make sure your laces are secure? I have to do this all the time. It's the little things like this that just make endura products stand out.  I have also had a crash in the past with my laces getting caught in the crank. This will stop this problem. 

The Hummvee flat pedal shoes also feature durable upper fabric with perforated panels for ventilation. 

They are also made from Vegan-friendly products and materials. 

Try on

These feel really nice on the feet and really comfy. The Hummvee flat pedal shoes are designed to go from trails to casual with no shoe change needed. They are definitely capable of both. They feel nice and stiff but with flex, this is what I like in riding shoes. I like to feel really placed and in place on my pedals. 

I have been wearing them around the house they feel really nice and comfortable I really like the raised arch they are the ultimate comfort for me.

I really appreciate that they laces and the right length. This is a strange comment I know but how many riding shoes do you own where the laces are massive? I mean what are you meant to do with the extra laces? The tongue is really comfortable and not oversized. This will keep the puddle splashes out and help keep me dry on the trail. 

I am so excited to get these out on the trails and show you what they are really made for. I will update you all on how they perform on the trails and you will see them on many Instagrams I am very sure of that. 

I will have more reviews to follow,. Would you like to see a review of the MT500 Burner shoes? 


A little update on what's been going on and the future

I am back after a bit of a longer absence than I had planned. Unfortunately, the redesign of this site took a little longer than I had planned and was a lot more complex than I had thought but we are back and I am going to do a little update for you all. 


I am still getting out as much as I can on my stunning Hope Technology HB130 up here in the Scottish Highland with Fort William being my local I am a bit spoilt, to be honest. I love this bike and I am progressing so much after riding it. I just love it, it is the right amount of lightweight and gnarly. It is not only a dream to ride but I mean look at her she is a work of art to look at. If you would like a full review of my bike. I can do that I have had her for almost two years now and I have to say this bike has let me progress and hone my skills way more than I have in the past. 

Being a Hope Technology ambassador is still one of the best things that have happened to my mountain biking and I would thank Hope Tech for picking me every day If I could. Before being an ambassador I owned a few game-changer Hope products but their breaks were the big game-changer for me. I will be doing a full review of these soon. It was buying my Hope Tech E4 brakes many years ago that changed my riding in all the right ways and began my Hope  Tech obsession. They are one cracking British brand that I thought I could only dream to be acquainted with. I will do more posts on Hope soon. I could talk for hours on Hope Technology and how they are amazing and the best bike brand but I will save that for more posts. 


I am delighted that this year I will be an Endura ambassador and will be kitted out in their insanely amazing gear. I have worn and loved Endura for years. My first proper mountain biking top was Endura and I still wear it today. Their gear is not only amazing quality but I love the brand's ethos and there is something special for me to be with a Scottish born brand. I am after all a Highlander. I could go on and on about Endura, like the fact they have planted 1.3 million trees to eliminate Endura’s carbon footprint in a year. I mean YES to this alone but luckily for me their kit is incredible and I feel so lucky to be with them. Lots of Endura kit reviews to come. 

My fitness. 

I am keeping on top of my fitness with the use of Zwift. I spend a lot of time on my turbo train putting the miles in to make sure I am on top form for mountain biking. I also do some weights and stretching. I have fallen off the yoga bandwagon and need to get back on it. I will also be upping my weight training as the downhill season is nearly back upon us. You can follow me on Strava if you want to see what rides I am doing or even Zwift if you are a Zwifter. 

The future. 

So what can you expect from me and this site now that it is finally back up and running? I am looking to do more of what I started. I want to do more kit reviews, more route maps like the Pit downhill trail, more fitness and Zwift updates and much much more. If there is something you think I am missing drop me a comment or pop me a DM on Instagram

I have entered my first race in April PMBA Women's Enduro Gisburn and I am hoping to do a couple more. I think I will do the Ten under the Ben race, this is a 10-hour endurance race around a 10-mile lap route with 400meters of climbing each lap at Nevis Range in Fort William. I am also looking at entering a couple of road biking races this year but more on that later. 

I hope to do a lot more travelling this year with the restrictions easing making more holidays accessible and I will be updating you all on my travel and of course the biking I am doing on them. I will be doing a few youtube videos on my mountain biking adventures as I want to share more of it with you. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little update and I can not wait to share more of my biking and fitness with you all. 


Tesco voucher competition win £200, £60 or £10

Today I have a competition for you all. You know my main job is blogging on my other site and this site is my little passion project which I promise has a lot more content coming soon. I have come together with some of my blogger friends to offer you the chance to win Tesco vouchers. I wasn't sure about doing this on this site but then I thought why the hell not. I mean we all eat right and we all need snacks. I don't want you to miss out on this awesome opportunity. 

I mean Tesco has also got a lot of fitness gear and clothing, so you could spend your voucher on that or a bottle of gin or crates of beer to have after a ride. The choice is yours. But I want you all to have the chance too. I have bought a few bits of fitness gear in Tesco over the years like yoga mats, foam rollers and endless amounts of trail snacks. So without further ado here is the comp. 

This month we have an awesome prize of £270 worth of Tesco Vouchers. This is split into 3 prizes of £200, £60, £10. You even have a chance of winning all 3 prizes if you enter all of the options on the Rafflecopter. Just think about what you could buy with that.

Who brings this awesome prize to you? A handful of bloggers got together and added some money to the pot to make the prize as big as this. So If you would like to support them, please pop over to their blogs and read a couple of posts. Each blogger has their own story to tell and you can always find something exciting to read from the different blogs.

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In order to be in with a chance to win, please enter through the Rafflecopter. First, you will need to pop a comment on the blog you came through. What we need is for you to tell us what would you spend the winning voucher on? Would you save it for Christmas or go and splash out on a new piece of kitchen equipment, that you have had your eyes on for ages? 

Don't forget to let us know in the Rafflecopter, the name you commented with and the blog name. There are also loads more ways to enter the competition. You do not have to enter by all of the options but the more you enter, the more chances you will have of winning the first, second and third prize in this huge competition. You could be walking away with £270 if you win all 3 prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms And Conditions

  • UK Entries only.
  • Blog comments must be over 8 words long otherwise it usually goes to the spam file.
  • This is a collaborated competition and is not associated with Tesco or any other company.
  • You must be over 18 to enter this competition.
  • You don’t need to enter all of the other requirements but if you do say you have completed them, please ensure that you have. Otherwise, your entry is void.
  • You have 28 days to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen. 
  • After you have claimed your prize, you will receive the voucher within 28 days


MyProtein workout bras and legging review

Let's talk about fitness and workout gear. I live most of my life in this type of clothing so I think I am well placed to give you an honest and open review. I do spend a lot of time biking whether on Zwift or outside but I am also into weights and yoga and stretching. 

Today the lovely people over at MyProtein have sent me some of their new collections of gym wear to review for you all. I am a size 8 and I have a very large chest for my size. Whilst I am on the subject of the chest I also have a very small back. I am a bit of a strange shape. I am all hips ass and boobs.  I am a classic hourglass. I will do my best to tell you the sizes I have received. 

If you would like 3-month free delivery you can use my code LAURA-R1CJJ this is not a special code anyone who orders from MyProtein will have a code for this deal. But I thought I would share as free delivery is always good right? 

When I work with a brand they are fully aware that I will give my honest opinion about the items I receive and I like to be completely honest with you all. With these types of posts, I always include lots of photos so you can really see the clothing on me and make an informed decision if you would like to buy them for yourself. 

Without further ado let's get into it. 

First up we have the MP Women's Power Ultra Fitted Vest this is a size small. This is a super cute little workout vest it has some built-in padding and as you can see a bit of support. I really like this vest it is more suited to low impact sports like yoga and weights. I wouldn't use this with my chest on any high impact cardio but it is really nice for low impact and casual wear. 

"The Power Ultra fitted vest features an inbuilt bra for light support, and a high neck to allow you to feel confident and stay distraction-free throughout your workout. A laser-cut panel at the back assists with temperature regulation and a reflective print adds detail."

I have teamed this with the MP Women's Power Ultra Sports Leggings size small. These are fantastic do all leggings they are comfy and really stretchy. I have done some pretty hard workouts in these and they have been great and breathable. I really like the venting in these that make them not feel as thick as they are. These are defo not see through. They are high waisted on me and really help to pull your stomach in. 
I really like the style of these as I can wear them out and they look quite casual too. 
"Constructed from soft, breathable fabric, with more stretch and more opaqueness than the original Power range, the Power Ultra leggings also feature an improved gusset for maximum mobility and better fit.

A large pocket at the back inner waistband means you’ll be able to store your valuables whilst maintaining focus on the session ahead"

Here we have MP Women's Raw Training Seamless Bra - Washed Green size small. This one is lovely the colour is even nicer in real life. It's a light support bra but I would be happy to mountain bike in this one. It has enough support to hit the trails in. It's definitely more support than the vest but not a full support bra. I have used this one Zwift and it was great too. I am not too sure if you should be doing HIIT in this one but I think it has more support than it advertises. Plus it looks lovely and is seamless so will fit under any top or jersey. 

"The Raw Training Seamless Bra features a deep rib underbust band, helping to provide the wearer with a light level of support. Removable bra cups allow you to customise the coverage and adjustable straps provide a customisable fit. A racer back strap placement allows for added shoulder mobility and a greater range of movement. Minimal seams ensure unrivaled comfort through every exercise."

Next, we have P Women's Raw Training Washed Joggers - Deep Sea Blue size small. First I wasn't sure about these. I just wasn't sure if the colour would suit me. But I love them. She says as she writes this wearing them. I would say they run a bit bigger than advertised. I could maybe have sized down in these. They are so comfy. I want them in the other colour now. They are the perfect thickness not too heavy and not too thin. I have been wearing them as casual wear bit I would wear these to do weight and yoga. They feel very 2000's and I love a little throwback so I am on board. 
"The Raw Training Joggers are designed with movement in mind thanks to their stretch fabric and rib gusset. Designed in a slim fit, with a vintage wash and embroidered logo, they also feature topstitched seams for added durability.

Raw pieces are garment dyed, so shades will vary due to the nature of the dyeing process. Colours may transfer upon washing, wash coloured items separately."

Here we have MP Women's Velocity Sports Bra- Black size small. This is a high intensity very secure bra. It has kept me in place on some very hard workout. Jumping jacks no problems, burpees no dramas. This is a great one for us ladies who need a bit more support. The photos make it look like you can see the padding inside bit I can't in real life just in the photo above which is very strange it must be the camera. I really recommend this one for extra support. I will be wearing it on the DH track where it's a bit ruffer and you need to keep the girls in check. No one wants a black eye right. 

I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of the back. The back is stunning on this one I have popped in a photo from Myprotein. oops sorry, bad blogger. I really like the minimal style of the back. Normally with so much support, the back is really boring. I love that they have put a lot of thought into the design and look of this bra. 

"High performing fabrics ensure you stay comfortable when training, meaning that our Velocity range is workout gear that’ll keep up with you. Sweat-wicking and breathable, the Velocity Sports Bra is a must-have for your running wardrobe. With a mesh insert at the under-bust for ventilation and a supportive under-bust band for support, the bra will keep you cool and confident throughout your run. Adjustable elastic straps at the back allow for a customisable fit, and removable bra cups mean you can adjust the coverage. An adjustable hook and eye clasp means that not only can you customise the fit, but the bra is super easy to remove even after the sweatiest workout. The bra also features reflective taping at the front for visibility."

 I have teamed this with MP Women's Velocity Leggings- Black size small. These run a little on the small size so if you are ordering might be worth sizing up. These are other high-quality legging. I really like how flexible they are. You can move about with perfect freedom in these no issues at all. I have done a few hard workouts in these and they have been great. They are high waisted and there is a draw sting too. Which is great for people like me. My waist is small and some high waisted clothes just don't sit right on me but having this option really helps them stay in place no matter what I am doing. 

 "The Velocity Leggings will help you go the extra mile. The leggings feature a supportive yet adjustable waistband complete with drawcords that can be worn inside or outside for a customisable, comfortable fit. They also have a secure zip pocket for your gels and small items at the centre back and an inner key pocket inserted into the waistband. A front reflective logo and reflective taping at the hem (that can be turned to the outside) aid visibility on gloomy days."

Lastly, we have the MP Women's Adapt Textured Sports Bra- Carbon size small. This is a mid support bra and I agree that it is not as secure as the last one but what it lacks in support it makes up in colour and style. This is a bit of a wow bra it is so pretty in real life. I would happily wear this on the trails. It has support but not too much support. It has added support with an elasticated band. I really like the ribbing details above the band. This is a bit of a show stopper bra. I really love the look of the back of this one too.

"Whatever your workout throws your way, conquer it in Adapt. Our Adapt range is designed for tough training, so expect functional fabrics and features, with added durability to see you through your sessions. The Adapt Textured Sports Bra provides mid-level support and features a deep elasticated under-bust band that'll stay in place through every movement. Rib texture panelling provides a contoured look whilst staying breathable, as well as adding durability. An elasticated racerback ensures a full range of movement thanks to its non-restrictive shape."
And very lastly how could I not get the matching leggings. MP Women's Adapt Textured Leggings- Virtual Pink size small. Wow I mean these are pink. Lucky I love pink. These are great like all the legging I have tried from MP they are fantastic quality and thick enough there is no VPL or see though moments. I really like the ways these have ribbing which help them to be more flexible and look more unquiet. They are really comfortable and flexible. They are have been great for any workout and yoga sessions I have done with them on. 

"The Adapt Textured Leggings feature a high waisted elasticated waistband that will ensure your leggings stay put through every element of your workout. Strategically placed, breathable rib textured panels contour the body, as well as providing you with a place to brush off any excess chalk from the functional training box. Cover-stitch seams reduce irritation for uninterrupted training."

I have found all the items I have tried from Myprotein have been of fantastic quality and have handled anything I have thrown at them. If you are looking to update your workout wardrobe then do head over there just now as there are some massive discounts. They have a big sale at the moment. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little review and I look forward to sharing more with you all.