Building Confidence to Tackle Mountain Bike trails with Roots Like a Pro

if you are reading this you already have the mountain biking bug? like me, you are hooked on the wonderful world of MTB.  The wind and rain on your face, the trail beneath your tyres, and oh no there a, a  massive slippery root ahead! If you've ever been taken by surprise by a tangle of roots on your trail, you know they can be a bit tricky and some people are really scared to ride over them.  But fear not! I am here to show you how to build confidence and conquer those pesky roots in no time. 

1. See it, Believe it, think it? 

This will sound cheesy bit bear with me here Before going back to the trail you struggled on. even try visualizing a successful run. Picture yourself riding and navigating those roots with confidence, agility and skill. Visualization is a powerful tool that many professional athletes use. So grab a cup of coffee, close your eyes, and see yourself dominating those roots or be like me I like to do it just as I fall asleep Goon, give it a go. 

2. Gear Up and Warm-Up

Get the right kit. Your kit is really important. You all know I rate all Endura Products so I recommend getting at least a good helmet knee pads gloves and glasses. Don't underestimate the power of the right kit and a good warm-up. I always like to start on an easy trail to get me back in the riding frame of mind before hitting the harder stuff. 

Ensure you have a well-maintained bike with appropriate tyre pressure for the conditions and suspension setup. I mean I could not have a better set you on either of my Hope Tech bikes. 

3. Know Your Line

When you're out on the trail,  Look ahead you need to be planning your line in advance. As you approach a rooty section, look for the smoothest line - often, this means aiming for gaps between the roots. or of course, you might need to go over roots, and that's okay too. The key is to anticipate and stay in control.

4. Loosen Up!

Now here's the fun part! You're about to tackle those roots. Get into a neutral riding position and keep your weight centred. Loosen your grip a little and let your bike move beneath you - think of it like dancing with your bike over the roots. You lead, and the bike follows! This is where Hope Tech breaks shine they have the perfect about of modulation to help you get over the roots whilst having the power to stop you too. 

5. Keep the Momentum

It's tempting to hit the brakes when faced with an obstacle,  and roots can be scary but with roots, momentum is your friend. Keep pedalling and maintain a steady speed. Remember, you have more control when you're moving forward. 

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

And finally, the best way to build confidence is through practice. Start with smaller, less intimidating roots in dry conditions and work your way up.  helping your gain confidence and skills. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small, and remember that every rider has been exactly where you are now. we all had to learn from the start just like you are. 

With these tips, I hope this gives you the confidence to move forward and start tackling the scary roots section and building confidence. 

You got this. 

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