Beyond Biking: Fun Fitness Routines Every Mountain Biker Should Try

We all know the thrill of hitting a hard techy mountain bike trail for the first time, feeling the wind against our faces, knowing we rode it well and it just felt good there is nothing better right? That buzz of adrenaline. But did you ever consider sprinkling a little variety into your mountain bike fitness routine? Not only can this be a blast, but it can also enhance your biking skills and overall well-being. There a reason you see all the professionals hitting the gym and gym classes. It is there job to know what to do to find the gain on the bike. 

Let's dive into some exciting exercises that every mountain biker should give a go!

1. Yoga 

Before you laugh and skip ahead, hear me out! Yoga isn’t just about finding your inner zen; it's fantastic for flexibility and core strength. Imagine gliding over those rough roots or making sharp turns with enhanced agility. Plus, the relaxation techniques can help with post-ride muscle recovery. Namaste to that!

2. Swimming 

Swap the rugged trails for some refreshing laps in the pool. Swimming offers an excellent full-body workout, emphasizing cardiovascular endurance and upper-body strength. It's the perfect complement to your leg-intensive biking sessions and can help balance out muscle development.

3. Rock Climbing 

Want to keep the adrenaline flowing? Rock climbing will surely get your heart racing! Not only does it provide an intense upper body workout, but it also enhances grip strength and problem-solving skills as you figure out your best path up the wall. Trust me this one is a good all-round strength gainer. 

4. Pilates 

For mountain bikers keen on enhancing core strength and posture, Pilates is your new best friend. Those intricate moves and holds can seem deceptively simple, but you'll soon discover they pack a punch. A strong core can translate to better bike control and reduced fatigue during long rides. win win win right? 

5. Trail Running 

If you love the outdoors, but your bike's in the shop or you fancy a change of pace, trail running is a fabulous alternative. You'll still enjoy nature, navigate varied terrains, and give those legs a different kind of challenge. 

6. Jump Rope 

This isn't just a childhood pastime! Jump roping is fantastic for boosting agility, footwork, and coordination. Just 10 minutes can get your heart pumping and work on those calf muscles, giving you an edge during your next biking adventure. if it's good enough for Tyson Fury its good enough for you. 

7. Dance Classes

Yes, you read that right! Whether it's salsa, hip-hop, pole, or ballroom, dancing can be an exhilarating way to stay fit. It aids in coordination, rhythm, and balance - all essential skills for navigating mountain trails. 

8. CrossFit 

For those who crave high-intensity workouts, CrossFit combines weightlifting, aerobic exercises, and high-intensity functional movements. It's all about building strength, flexibility, and stamina, a potent combination for serious mountain bikers. You will see a lot of the professionals hitting the cross-fit classes in the off-season.

So, while mountain biking will always be our first and forever love, it's both fun and beneficial to mix things up occasionally. Trying out different fitness routines can offer fresh challenges, prevent burnout, and address different muscle groups. Who knows? You might discover a new passion or at the very least, return to your bike feeling rejuvenated and stronger than ever! being stronger on your bike helps you stay on the trails longer and there is nothing better than being on the trails right? 

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