Mountain Biking Essentials: Your Ultimate Starter Kit Guide

Embarking on your mountain biking journey is an exciting adventure, but having the right gear is crucial for a safe and enjoyable ride. Today we'll explore the must-have basic kit for beginners. One of the most asked questions I get from beginners is what kit I need to start out. So let's talk about it. We will take for granted you already have the bike as that is a very big part of this. 

When you start out you do not need to spend a fortune on kit yes you can if you want to but I am going to share my pick with you on what I would buy if I was starting out. 

Safety first! A properly fitting helmet is essential for protecting your head in case of falls. Endura is my brand of choice and has an extensive range of mountain bike helmets something to suit all budgets. They offers a range of lightweight and durable helmets with adjustable fittings for maximum comfort and protection on the trails. They also look great good too. 

Jersey and Shorts
Investing in moisture-wicking jerseys and padded shorts is key for comfort during long rides. Endura's cycling jerseys feature breathable fabrics and strategic ventilation to keep you cool and dry, while their padded shorts provide cushioning and support for extended hours in the saddle.

Protect your hands from vibrations, cold and blisters with a pair of cycling gloves. A good set of mountain biking gloves offers excellent grip and shock absorption, enhancing your control and confidence on rough terrain while providing added protection in case of falls. At this time of year, the right pair of gloves will make or break a ride, You have to invest in good winter gloves to keep your hands warm. 

Proper footwear is essential for getting the most efficient pedalling and optimal power transfer. I know that should a bit much at this stage but belive me you will care about this when you are on the trail.

Invest in a pair of mountain biking shoes with stiff soles for stability and traction, and choose compatible pedals that suit your riding style. Whether you start out on flat pedals or clips you need a good pair of shoes which will keep you in contact with the pedals.

Knee Pads
You should Invest in quality knee pads they are in my opinion essential for any mountain biker, providing crucial protection against impacts and abrasions during rides. Whether you're tackling technical trails or enjoying leisurely rides, knee pads offer peace of mind and confidence to push your limits. With innovative designs and advanced materials, knee pads provide optimal comfort, flexibility, and breathability without compromising on safety. 

Stay hydrated on the go with a water bottle or backpack. We all know the benefit of drinking when out doing exercise mountain biking is no different to any form of exercise. 

Tools and Repair Kit
Be prepared for mechanical issues with a basic toolkit and repair kit. Pack essentials such as a multi-tool, tire levers, spare tubes, and a mini-pump to handle common maintenance tasks and minor repairs on the trail.

Equipping yourself with the right gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable mountain biking ride.  So gear up, hit the trails, and let the adventure begin! But if you are on a budget don't forget to check out places like Vinted for second and new bargains. Vinted can be a complete gold mind for kit. 

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