8 ways to workout at home in 2020

We are all in a bit of a weird situation at the moment. A lot of us are working from home. Which is my normal,  So I thought I am in a good place to give some advice on how to to keep fit at home. Considering that is how I keep fit and healthy. In the last year I have upped my fitness game and not only lost weight but I feel a lot better about myself. I work out not only for the health benefits but for my mental health and this is the perfect time to get on the fitness bandwagon. 

Motivation at this time is key to us all getting through this hard time. It is so important to not get bogged down in the pressures of a changing world and something we can control is our fitness. If you are new to working at home I would recommend leaving time in your day for fitness. You will be missing out on a lot not being in your office. Even that walk to your favourite sandwich shop counts towards you step goal right? Well, that is no longer a factor so we all need to adapted and make sure we are as fit and healthy as we can be. 

1. Free online workouts. 
There are hundreds of free online workout on youtube. All you need to do is google beginner workout and you are on your way to a new you. There is everything from pilates to HIIT workout. Start small and build up. 

2. Zwift
I love Zwift. Zwift is online cycling and running community. You will need some equipment to use Zwift. I have written a full Zwift for beginners post so check that out. I credit Zwift with my weight loss and bike fitness improvements for sure. It is such a good fun workout. 
fitness challenge workout plan
3. Make up a fitness plan. 
This is super easy to do. I have made one up myself. This is my plan that I am doing to prepare for my summer downhill biking season. I suffer from arm pump and this will help me counteract it. I love to make up plans. I have helped a few of my friends with tailored plans. This way you can work on the areas you want to work out. Everyone's bodies are different. 

4. Fitness Challenges
There are so many out there and this is the perfect time to do them. Fancy a 30-day plank challenge or what about working your booty and doing a squat challenge. Get online and get one of the these smashed I promise you will feel the benefits. Go crazy and do a few at the same time. 

5. Use your house 
Do you have stairs? Why not run up them or walk it is up to you. As long as you are getting a sweat on. Walk around your house and see if you can beat yesterdays step goals. You are allowed in your garden you know so get outside and walk around. 

6. Weights
If you don't have access to weights don't worry there are so many things you can use in the house.  You can improvise making weights from tins of food to water bottles, there is no excuse for not weight training at home. 

7. Play with your children or dog. (if you have either) 
Have you ever watched kids playing? It looks like hard work and you can join in. Come get that Nuff gun out with your kids and get playing. I know I play with my dogs and this not only keeps them entertained but it burns so many extra calories too. Let's face it whether you have a big or small dog is it loves to play. 

8. Gardening
Yes, this is a strange one but if you are well, you can work in your garden. Gardening is hard work and can burn hundreds of extra calories. You lug some soil about and tell me gardening is easy. Plus getting outside in the fresh air can only be a good thing right? 

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to get motivated and use your time at home wisely and get on this fitness train. You will be reaching your fitness goal in no time whether that be toning up, losing weight or getting strong the choice is yours. 

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