how to workout outside safely hints and tips.

The sun is shining and I bet you are all thinking about your summer body. Why is it as soon as the sun comes out you want to up your fitness regime? Yes, I am not allowed to do anything too crazy at the moment but I can help to encourage you all. 

I don't know about you but I want to be outside! 

My top Ten tips to stay safe working out outside the gym

  • Stay hydrated. This is huge you know I always talk about this but hydration is the key to training harder and smarter. 
  • Are you wearing the right gear? The right clothes can make or break a workout. No one want to have bad fitting shoes which can lead to blisters!
  • What is the area like? Is there a soft surface? a good gym will always use the finest product and people I trust Soft Surfaces UK for all outside flooring. You might think why is this important but this is a sure way to prevent injury not only on the day of training but after training. think about your foot planting on the surface and the impact this has on your joints long term. 
  • Wear sunscreen. protect your skin from harmful rays. 
  • Workout with friends nothing is more motivating than having someone to help push you along and help you to train harder. 
  • When did you last check your equipment? Regular maintenance of your kit is essential. Whether it's owned by the gym or your personal equipment checking for faults can save you major injury.  
  • When did you last eat? Your body needs fuel to kick ass, I like to have a protein shake in the morning before a workout. I always leave about an hour between it and working out. if it's a long session have a snack with you to have after. So pack a picnic to keep energy levels high. 
  • Take breaks. Yes, you need to give your body rest periods to get back in the game again. Try making time for rest and relax,  Think lying in one of your hammocks and just chilling for 10 minutes before you smash out the next set.  Recovery is very important. So is lowering your heart rate. Not every work out needs to be hard and fast. 
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch. you have to warm up your body before a workout this will not only save you from injury but also help you to last longer and train stronger. lots of people overlook this but it is so important to have elasticity in your body. 
  • Have fun, yes simply have a great time if you enjoy your training you are more likely to stick at it and stay safe whilst doing it. if you are not enjoying what you are doing it is more likely your mind will wander and this can causes accidents.  

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