Endura Mt500 Burner Pants review

Today we are talking mountain biking trousers. I did a poll over on my Instagram on what you would like a review of and the trousers won. So today we are talking about my all-time favourite mountain biking trousers. 

The Endura MT500 Burner pants. I have had a few pairs of mountain biking trousers over the years and have always not really been happy they never fitted me right some were a very strange fit or style. I even had one pair that got caught on my bike every time I wore them. How one earth these got through the design process I have no idea. 

To be fair this was early on in my mountain biking journey. This was all before I had tried any Endura trousers. It was one of my closest friends who started to rave about Endura trousers. She had the MT500 spray pants and convinced me to buy some and I have never looked back. If you look carefully at my Instagram over winter I lived in them but today we are going to talk about my new addition with it being spring summer I have swapped out my Endura MT500 spray pants for the Endura MT500 burner pants

These are the Women's Endura Mt500 burner pants in spruce green. When I was little I was obsessed with this colour and I think I am now living out my childhood dream of being dressed head to toe in this colour along with my now favourite pink of course. The colour of these might be amazing and worth buying them for just that but wait till I explain some of the very clever features these mountain biking trousers have. 

Sizing wise I am a 6/8 and I am wearing a size XS when I was a size 10 I wore an S. I hope that gives you an indication of the sizing. I am also wearing the Endura women's single track liner underneath. The MT500 Burner Pants have the Clickfast poppers feature so any of Endura's Clickfast liners can be worn with them also. 

The Mt500 burner pants are made out of a 4-way stretch fabric. Meaning that there is complete freedom of movement and your feel comfortable on the bike. These are a close fit style of trousers meaning no extra material to get in the way of your riding. They are described as a pre-curved contemporary silhouette I would agree with that. 

These are worn by the likes of Rachel Atherton and Mikayla Parton. So you know they are good. I mean if they are good enough for the podium they are more than good enough for me. Plus both these ladies' race kits are always phenomenal.  

They have a waist adjuster to help keep them in place. I really like this feature. I tend to have mine on the tightest setting. This is a velcro fastening and it makes them really adjustable tighter or looser. 

The waist at the front has a zip, popper and velcro fastening to really make sure there is no way of your pants falling down. I mean that would be pretty embarrassing. 

Knee pad compatible
They are also Knee pad friendly I am wearing the Endura's MT500 hard shell knee pads which are the biggest in the endura range and these look slimline under these Mt500 Burner pants. It's almost like magic how slim they look under these. 

Other notable features
The Endura burner trousers also feature two zip pockets to secure your items. They also feature some ventilation holes for extra comfort on sweaty rides. These are on the knees and crotch area. 

My review
I was first struck by the colour I am not going to lie about that I was a bit superficial. I mean being Endura I know they would be great but I don't think I was ready for just how great they are. They fit like a dream and I do not say that lightly. I am a small person and finding things to fit me can be so hard. I am not saying this to be boastful as I have been a UK size 24 before and I know the struggle on the other end too. I am just stating it as a fact for me right now. I am also 5ft6 if that helps. 

There is so much adjustment on the waist and this really helps people of my shape. I am an hourglass so I carry my weight on my hips bum and boobs. 

I love that my knee pads fit so nicely underneath. The trouser material stretches and this really does help with freedom of movement on the bike. It is also nice and lightweight and perfect for summer and spring biking. 

Have I crashed in them? Yes Yes I have I am currently learning clip pedals and I have had a few falls in these pants and there has been not a scratch on them. Considering one of the crashes was knee onto a very large rock I have no idea how I didn't rip the trousers. 

Unlike normal people, I have put clips on and headed to my normal trails in Fort William. I mean I am sure most people learn on greens and blue but there is a normal way and my way. At least I can hand on heart say these women's burner pants are durable. I have definitely put them to the test on my trail bike and on my downhill bike. 

I am really impressed with Endura Women MT500 Burner Pants and I am sure you will all see me in these time and time again.  

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