What GPS tracker I use on my Traildog

I get asked a lot about Mylo. I have had Mylo's dog since he was a puppy and we put a lot of work into training him to be the trail dog he is today. Mylo is a dalmatian. Yes, that seems strange to point out looking at him but I have been asked about him. Mylo loves to come biking with us and he loves nothing more than following bikes in the mountains with his humans. 

As soon as the bikes come out Mylo gets excited. I wouldn't have it any other way. But it is along road to training a good trail dog. 

I will write a full post on what we did to train Mylo But in a quick run thought.
  • Worked endlessly on recall
  • Did long leash training without bikes
  • Made sure to modify voice tones in commands so he can distinguish the commands with ease.  
  • Made him feel safe and confident around bikes
  • Made sure he knows commands for drinking. Ours is drink drink drink with hand gestures. He can get excited and not want to stop for a drink or snack so this is imperative for Mylo. 
  • Hand gestures for some commands 
  • Spoke to our vets for help and information
  • Started very small with very short trails. 
  • Understood his boundaries
We are very lucky with Mylo is what is known as a velcro dog. He wants to know where myself and my husband are at all times. 

But now after years of training, he does have the freedom on trails to follow us.  He will know to take his time on the trails if he likes. I trust Mylo I know I can he is a very well-trained dog but he is a timid dog and can be a bit fearful at times. So I am always close by him. 

With this in mind, I want to talk about a new PAJ GPS PET Finder 4G I have been using for Mylo whilst out and about. 

The PAJ GPS Pet finder 4G is small and fits on any collar but does come with a collar if you like. It is £29.99 for the device and to use PET Finder you also need a subscription to the pet finder portal. This is £4.58 per month or £54.99 for a year's subscription. You just download the app which is available on apple and google play. Other payment options are available with bigger discounts for longer contracts. 

How to use The PAJ PET Finder 4G

The PAJ PET finder 4G is super simple to use. After you have registered your device with PAJ Portal and paid the subscription. Just charge the device with the charger provided and you are ready to get started. 

You just press the on/off button for 5 seconds until the green and blue lights come on. This shows the tracker is on and receiving the GPS signal and you are ready to go.

Log on to the portal and you can start tracking your dog in real-time. It's as easy as that. 

What is special about the PAJ PET Finder 4G

  • Suitable for all dogs, as it is lightweight and comfortable to have on a collar.
  • Simple to attach to your dog's collar.
  • Robust device.
  • Live location update indoors and outdoors. 
  • Alarms via e-mail and push messages.
  • You can view all your dogs routes from the last year.
  • Waterproof so no matter how wet your dog gets you will find them .
  • GPS accuracy of 5-10 metres depending on the GPS reception of the finder.
  • Radius alert letting you know you are near your dog.
  • Speed alert this will let you know when your dog reaches a certain speed Ie they are in a car.
  • Long battery standby mode last 5 days, and in tracking mode 9 hours of GPS tracking. 
  • Battery alert so you know how long you have left and when to recharge.
  • 2 g and 4g network coverage.
  • Geozone Alert You are will be able to set a geo zone or "safe area" around your tracker. Should the tracker enter or leave this predefined area.
  • Sound function: you can make the tracker emit a sound to help you find your pup or use it in training your pup. 
  • Light function (incl. light sensor): Activate the tracker LEDs will light up if it is dark enough you can turn these off also.

My thoughts 
As you can see this is one helpful piece of kit to have for your trail dog training. This really can help if you lose your dog when you are out on your bikes Or if your dog is liable to run away. 

This can save your dog's life. There is nothing scarier than losing your beloved dog and with PAJ PET Finder you will know where to find your dog if the worst does happen. It really does give you peace of mind when you are out with your dog and it is so simple to use and gives you your dog's location from your phone. 

I can not recommend this enough if you have a trail dog. It is lightweight and simple to use and will become second nature to have when hitting the trails with your pup. Plus it gives you complete peace of mind you know where your dog is at all times. Plus it is really affordable too. 

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