Home workout is it for you?

For the best fitness exercise at home, there are certain activities that can be done safely at home. One huge plus is there is no extra cost involoved in working out at home. 

 The activities can also be done with partners This gives you both accountability and make it more fun plus, workouts are more likely to last in the long run and become a lifestyle rather than a passing fad or hobby. 

Types of Exercises
There are different types of exercise workouts that can be done at home for cardio vascular strength as well as toning or building muscle.  Cardio vascular exercise workouts at home normally only require a solid pair of trainers.

so you can go for a brisk walk for at least thirty minutes.  These walks are great to do in pairs and can be done in a variety of different places, including around lakes and in parks.  If you are ready for more strenuous activity, you can push yourself to a jog or run, which can also be done with a partner and in various places, reducing boredom. Chatting always makes things go fast and more fun.   Both of these activities can also be spurred on by training for a specific event such as fun runs and walks why not raise money for your favourite charity and enter a local 5k

Other workouts
Other cardio vascular exercise workouts at home require some minor purchases such as a jump rope or yoga matt.  These activities can be scattered in with the above activities for variety and also to help with colder weather.  There are also more expensive pieces of equipment that can be bought to supplement a fitness exercise workout at home such as a treadmill, exercise bike, turbo trainer, rowing machine or elliptical machine. These can range from £40 to £4000 depending on brand and item.   These pieces of equipment also require that you have space to store them, such as an extra bedroom or garage where they can stay in place at all times.

Home gyms are other exercise equipment that can be useful to fitness exercise workouts at home because they can often give the individual a choice of over sixty different exercises with one piece of equipment.  Space and cost are also issues with this equipment but it does offer some variety for strength workouts. But depends on your budget. 

Free home workouts
Don't forget you can check youtube. It has hundreds of free workouts. With little or no equipment needed. 

Congratulation on taking your first step in to the world of fitness. 

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