mountain biking in Sedona?

Each day in Sedona can feature a variety of challenging and exhilarating biking adventures. The beautiful red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona offer biking enthusiasts a multitude of biking trails, from easy to difficult, and all with spectacular vistas. Make sure you have your camera you are going to want to take hundreds of photo for Instagram as this is one of the most instagrammable place in the world

Sedona, Arizona offers mountain biking enthusiasts a range of beginner to advanced trails featuring spectacular red rock views and tough terrain.  Nowhere else can you find trails that offer Sedona’s unique blend of scenic vistas, slick rock, technical climbs and challenging switchbacks. 

Mountain biking beginners can play it safe on Bell Rock Pathway. This is a great starting place to link up with other, more challenging trails. This easy, wide pathway is 3.5 miles one-way and offers up classic Sedona views of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock.  Another great beginner to an intermediate trail is Big Park Loop, a 3-mile forest loop with dry creek crossings, semi-technical sections, small drops and step-ups. There is not much elevation change on this trail -596 ft. So it makes for a nice, rolling ride.

Off of the Bell Rock Pathway, intermediate bikers can pick up the Templeton/Baldwin loop, which is a 10 mile singletrack with spectacular Sedona views. This trail starts off with a fast, wooded downhill dirt track. After intersecting with the HT Trail, the trail heads to the base of Cathedral Rock, where it turns to slick rock and a more technical ride.  About .5 miles after crossing Cathedral Rock trail, a steep descent with some tough switchbacks leads down to the creek. The 2.2 mile Baldwin Trail begins when you hit an open field with a fence. trail forks recommend heading counter-clockwise on this trail, as it takes you up a moderate climb, around the rocks and ends in a speedy descent back down to the creek, where you can pick up the Templeton Trail to head back to your starting point. Total elevation changes are 1,312 ft.

Llama Mountain Trail is 3-mile singletrack with elevation changes of 696 ft. with more stunning scenery. This challenging trail gives bikers a little bit of everything, including slick rock, wash-outs, big drops and a slick rock bowl at the base of Lee Mountain.  Follow the downhill through the trees and along a natural rock bench.  This trail has a number of intersections that take you on alternate routes, so it’s a good idea to map out your route before heading out.  Overall, this trail features great technical spots and is a highly recommended trail for intermediate and expert bikers. You know this is the one I fancy the most. 

At the end of a hard day its time to relax with a stroll over to the historic Tlaquepaque shopping village for dinner. 

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