home gym equipment you need to start your own home gym

Having a home gym would be a dream come true for many of us. But if you don’t have the space or budget to fill your house with treadmills and rowing machines, don’t worry! I have come up with the very basics you need. The most effective equipment doesn’t have to take up too much room or stretch your bank balance. So, let’s take a look at some essential home gym equipment out there to help you get fit for summer and also help you start a new healthy fitness routine.
woman doing home gym workout on mat

The best home gym equipment to get you started

Exercise Mat

A whole range of stretching and flexibility workouts require an exercise mat to give you a good base. If you are planning to go for some high-intensity workouts, it is better to choose one with thick cushioning. However, a thinner one is the better choice if you are planning to do yoga on it. One of the most
important items in your home gym.


One of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your home gym, a good set of dumbbells should be right near the top of your list of items. There are literally hundreds of different exercises that you can do, and if you invest in some adjustable ones, you can increase the amount of weight over time so you are always improving. Try to complete your exercises in front of a mirror so you are confident that you are using the proper technique.

Pull Up Bar

It may seem strange to say, but pull up bars don’t have to be just for pull-ups! There are a few different exercises that you can try, along with the classic technique itself. There are some that you can put above your doorways. These have the added advantage of always providing you with a reminder to do some every time you walk through! I have one of these and I do hang off it this really helps with arm pump from mountain biking.

Jump Rope
If you are looking for an affordable and lightweight piece of equipment to do some cardio work, look no further than a jump rope. If you haven’t jumped rope for a number of years, you may be surprised to find out that it seems a lot harder. It also has the added benefit of improving your coordination and sense of balance. A durable rope is the best option if you are a beginner. While a lighter option is better to increase your speed.


Probably one of the most popular pieces of equipment that emerged in the last couple of years. kettlebells provide you with some workouts that you simply can’t do with other similar items. Try to choose some with some big, smooth handles to give you the best grip.     

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is another fantastically versatile piece of equipment. This providing you with a tool to work on your core strength. Just some of the common workouts include throwing it, carrying it or doing abdominal exercises. If you are doing exercises where you throw it about. You are better off choosing a softer and lighter model.

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