What kit do I need to start mountain biking- clothing and protection

Well, 2020 has been weird but if anything good is to come out of it there are more people getting out and finding the love of cycling. When you start out on the trails. There can be a lot of taking in. One of the most asked questions I get is what kit do I need. So I thought today I would talk about my favourite items of kit. These are the ones I use and wear day in and day out. I will try to find a photo of my kit but if not they will be stock photos. This will be mountain bike focused. I love seeing so many new faces on the trails but I would love to see everyone with the right safety gear. As fun as mountain biking is it can be a dangerous sport and when you are learning and well let's face it when you progress you will fall off and being safe on a bike is so important. We don't want you injured. So this will feature gear you should have before hitting the trails. 

If you want full reviews of any of these items do let me know in the comments or find me on Instagram. I can also do my downhill kit if you would like too but today we are talking normal trail days. 


A good helmet. 

for my everyday Trail helmet, I wear MET Roam Helmet - Dirty White Gray Pink / Matt. This is a MIPS helmet meaning it has the best protection for your head! I have a very small head some might call me a pea head. I have this in the smallest size. I really like this helmet. It fits really well and is crammed packed with all the safety features you need whilst out on the trails. I had to buy this not that long ago after I fully tested my last helmet with a big crash. Please if you are out on the trail you need a good helmet you only have one head and it is worth protecting. So before jumping on your bike pop that helmet on!

Knee pads 

I have bought my favourite pair of Raceface Roam Knee pads over and over again. They have saved my knee's on countless times. They might be a bit on the bulky side but they are comfy to wear and when you are pedalling you don't even know you are wearing them. I love that theses wrap round. Meaning you do not have to take your shoes off to put them on. This makes changing so much quicker. 


This one might seem strange but clear lens glasses are a must where I live. Unless you want to be picking bits of mud and grit out of your eyes. I have a pair of Oakley glasses these are very spendy. I have also bought cheap safety glasses from eBay they work a charm too. I always have these in my van as spare in case someone needs a pair. Honesty you will thank me once you go through you first big muddy puddle and get no dirt in you eye. I have had a couple crashes when I was a beginner due to mud in the eye as it just stops you dead. 


I wear a good sports bra my favourite at the moment is the fashion Nova  Hype Sports Bra In Infinity Seamless - Black, This is a dupe of a Lulu Lemon bra. It is comfy to wear but keep you in check if you know what I mean. I have a big chest so I need support on the trails. No jiggle thank you. 

Next up padded short. 

There are a few options for you here. I am in the 3/4 length camp. These save me from bruises on my legs. My favourites are Madison Keirin women's 3/4 shorts, I also like funkier and DHB. But if I was to choose I would choose madison, They are comfy when on and off the bike to wear. If you are doing any long rides you will need padding. To be honest I wear padding on every ride it is a must for me. 


This one is personal preference. I like longer socks. The longer the sock the less room for brusing. I Like Fox racing and I have quite a few cheap pair from Planet x. For waterproof socks which are a must in winter Dexshell and Sealskinz. Top tip if like me you suffer from cold feet and toes in waterproof socks. Buy some really warm running socks that come to your ankle and put these on under your waterproof socks. This has been a revelation for me. 

Shorts and Jerseys

Biking shorts are design for wearing on your bike. I have so many pairs it would be a bit insane to list my favourites. but If you are on a budget I would recommend Scott from start fitness. I have quite a few of these short they are really good quality and very affordable from Start fitness. 

Jerseys again there are so many to choose from But I try Scott. The some of brands I like are Endura,  Fox racing, Scott and Gore. There really are so many available. I would recommend a jersey designed for biking as they have all the features you will be looking for. 

A good jacket or two 

If like me you are in Britain you will need a good waterproof. I have had the same Endura jacket for a few years I love it is has been such a fantastic waterproof jacket. I have the older version of Endura Women's SingleTrack Jacket. I swear by this jacket. If it can handle a Scottish hoolie it can handle everything. I also have a Dirtlej Dirtsuit but that is a more pricey waterproof option. 

I would also recommend a windproof jacket. One of my favourites is one from Scott I got for £20 off start fitness. It can get cold on the trails so a good windproof packable jacket is worth the cost. 


You will not find me on my bike without gloves on. These are necessary for gripping the handlebars and also keeping your hands warm. I have so many different types of gloves but today we will focus on the ones I wear the most. fox racing women's defend gloves. The  TPU plating on the top of the glove has saved me a couple times when I have punched a few trees. This was of course by mistake on purpose ha. They have a bit of a shock-absorbing quality to them. I have used these for years and will continue to buy them as I think they are fantastic. 


What shoes you buy will depend on what type of pedals you use. I am a Hope flat pedal woman. I wear FiveTens I find these really grippy and I like a sold sole on my MTB shoes I find this gives me the best support on my bike. I have in the past used Shimano Flat pedal shoes and liked them. There really is a big difference when you wear proper biking shoes on your bike. They are not only designed to keep you on the bike longer but to prevent any injuries. 

Buff/ Neck tubes

This is not only to keep warm but its 2020/2021 so these double as facemasks.I have a couple of the original Buff ones and Hope Technology x Endura  ones. So following on from the peahead revelation. Children's buffs fit me better. Just something to keep in mind. Not only can neck tubes be used as neck warmers but they have what seems like an endless amounts of uses from head bands to hats you can use it your way.  

So this is my list of must-have biking kit for the beginner. I hope you have enjoyed my little post and I hope to see you here again soon.

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