How to work with a fitness blogger

The term fitness blogger gets branded about a lot and It can be used to describe me I guess. It is one of those terms I feel a bit weird about. I am not the average fitness blogger. My fitness journey is unlike most peoples. To put it simply I am a bit different. When I was in my later teens and early twenties I was a UK size 22-24. It took quite a reality check to realised I needed to do something to change my unhealthy habits. I was young I drank too much I ate too much and I didn't move much. I will always be honest with you all and I hope that is the type of relationship you expect from me. I will not sugar coat my life to fit in and I do not want too. 

I remember the day it all changed for me. I was an actress at the time and I was being fitted for my costume which was a size 22. I could not fit in it. That was the day I decided to change my life. I managed to lose 7 and a half stone. From then to now my size has fluctuated from a size 12 to a size 8 which I am now. When I met my husband we discovered a love for mountain bike and this is what I credit with my fitness revolution. 

I found a real love of hitting the trails and the freedom a bike gives me. I soon realised as my skill grew so much my fitness as I wanted to progress further. All my fitness goal has mountain biking at the heart of it. So when I am described as a fitness blogger I still dont really think of myself as one. But yes I workout I keep fit and I am in the best shape of my life. Being able to take you all along with has been fun and to be honest, I have a lot of you to thank for my journey. Without you all, I would not be where I am right now writing this. You are my backbone and you are what has gotten me this far. So thank you. Without you I would not have been able to turn this in to my job. Let alone make a living out of it. 

I get asked a lot how can a brand work with me a blogger or a fitness blogger if you like.  I want to share with you how brands can do this and also I want to share with you my top 5 fitness influencers. The people I love to follow and who motivate me every day.  

How I make money from blogging. 

Sponsored posts 

This is where you (the brand) contacts me and you want me to work with me. This can vary from you want me to review an item to a post that includes your brand.   But this post would be all about you and your brand or the item. I always agree that I will write an honest review so the good and bad about it. I am very open with you the brand that I will be honest with my followers. So the good the bad and the ugly. 

Another way of finding sponsored posts is through market places set up for bloggers to find work and for brands to find bloggers. Today's post is with one such market place Get Blogged. I have worked with them on my main site quite a few times. This is an easy way for UK fitness bloggers to find easy sponsored post opportunities and you the brands find bloggers to fill there needs quickly and with no hassle. As a brand, you just need to contact Get Blogged and they will do all the hard work of finding us the best bloggers for you to work with. 

I love working with Get Blogged as their assessments are always really straight forward to do. All the requirements are set out in an easy to understand way and you make money whilst writing about things you actually care about. 

Gifted collaboration 

This is where you contact me about a gifted collaboration where I will fully review your items. This works in items in exchange for content. When deciding to work this way I always weigh up if it is worth it. Unfortunately, some Influencer has badly abused this and given us bloggers a bad rep. When you first get into blogging you get very excited for the "free stuff" These items are not for free. 

I have to spend my time photographing them and writing about them and that is before you actually promote the post you have written. I do not want to sound at all ungrateful because that is not what I am saying at all But you have to match the time to the item. Is it worth spending 10-15 hours on an item that is worth £1.99? That old saying time is money works here. Do not get me wrong I have still to this day accepted low-value items I love in exchange for a post. But what I am saying is your time is valuable and so are you. You are not doing the brand a favour they want to work with you or they would not have contacted you. 

Guest posts 

These are posts that you the brand will write for my you. I do not have to write this. So this cost the brands less money. I always ask for editorial control of these and final say. I want to remain me and I do not want a brand saying something on your site you do not agree with. 

My top fitness influencers

Now you know how I personally work. I want to share my top 5 fitness bloggers UK with you. These people may not even accept brand deals but they are my favourite people to watch that inspires me. 

Mountain bikers

Tahnee Seagrave 

One kick-ass woman mountain biker who has won so many races I don't have time to list them. Tahnee has been plagued with a few injuries lately. She comes back stronger and fights harder with every injury she has endured. She always comes across as relatable, and I think 2021 we will see her back on top form. 

Mikayla Parton

A newcomer to the Elite women downhill mountain biking scene. This girl is one to watch and then some. I know I am slightly biased as she is from Fort William but this woman's skills are insane. Not only that but she is an all-round nice girl. I think we all held our breath during that huge crash last year and We all celebrated with her when she smashed an amazing fifth place at the UCI MTB World Championships. 


Lucy Mecklenburgh

I have followed Lucy for years. I once did a youtube series following her Results with Lucy workout programs. They have recently rebranded as Results Wellness Lifestyle. I love how real she is about fitness and nutrition and her workout was always fun. I used them to get fit for my wedding. I think I might need to do them again. 

Results with cecilia

Also known as Cecilia Harris one of the founding personal trainers and co-owners from Results with Lucy. She is everything you want in a trainer she is fun, dedicated and not afraid to kick your ass. Did I mention this woman is 49. She looks in her 20's I think she has found the fountain of youth. 

If you are looking for motivation and inspiration then Mel is your girl. Not only does she look insane but she works hard and achieves results. She is a personal trainer and in my opinion motivator. She has come a long way just like me and I find this super relatable. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and you have found some helpful information and maybe a couple new Instagram accounts to go check out. 

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