Endura Women's MT500 Spray Baggy Trouser II Review

Today it is time to talk winter kit. The weather up here has changed and we have more wet and windy days than anything else. So that means one thing it's time to get the winter kit out. I am going to do a series of these winter kit reviews as I know a lot of us wonder what to wear in winter. 

I like to think living up here in the Highlands having Fort William as my locals I know a thing or two about riding in all weather but up here we spend more time in our winter gear than most people. My go-to winter riding trousers have been the Endura Women's MT500 burner pants if you look at my Instagram you will see I have lived in these over the years. I love them. After years of not being able to find a pair of mountain biking trousers that fit me. I had found a pair that not only fitted but that looked incredible and kept me warm. Thanks to one of my close friends for the recommendation. 

I am super lucky to have got my hand on the newly released Endura Women's MT500 Spray Trouser II in cayenne. They also come in Black.

First the elephant in the room. The Endura MT500 baggy pants look a bit crumpled on me and that is because this ride was some of the worst rain showers I have ever ridden in but I really wanted to put these trousers to the test. Standing for these shots I was very blue and I completely forgot to adjust them. My cameraman couldn't even see the screen so we just had to hope we actually got some photos for you all. 

The Endura Women's MT500 spray trousers are favoured by some pretty special women riders like Mikayla Parton and Rachel Atherton. So I knew they would be good and I have of course been wearing an older version for years but just how good are they and can they hold up in a Highland storm? 

The design 
The Mt500 spray baggy trousers have been designed with expertise and precision. Endura has spent a lot of time developing these new woman's spray trousers. They are the ultimate all-rounder trouser. Designed to excel in damp and changing conditions. 

This trouser features a waterproof taped seat panel. Which I put to the test this day and it kept my bum nice and dry considering the conditions I am not sure how that was possible. The waterproof seat panel helps save your bum from water spraying up from your rear wheel. Or your friends trying to soak you in the puddles. We all have that one friend, right? 

The spray trouser is made from durable stretch nylon fabric giving comfort and complete moveability on the bike. The front panel is made from a 4-way stretch front panel allowing better movement on the mountain bike. The women's spray trousers are finished DWR coated to help water to just bead on the non-waterproof parts of the trousers. This means the water will not soak through the trouser and should just bead off and that is what it did for me.

DWR is a ground-breaking treatment that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, PFC free and is part of Endura's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Yes, Endura go you. I could go on and on about Endura as a company and all their amazing policies but If you have a few mins go and read it here

The sizing 
I am a size 6/8 I am wearing a size xs. When I was a size 10 I wore a small. Hopely that gives you an indication of sizing.  I am also wearing the Endura women's single track liner underneath. The women's MT500 Spray baggy trousers II have the Clickfast poppers feature so any of Endura's Clickfast liners can be worn with them also. 

The Women's Spray trouser comes in a size XS to XXL. This gives a UK dress size range from 8 to 20. With XS being 8/10 and XXL being 18/20. Which I am loving! You might not know this about me but I have been on the larger side having been a size 22 in the past. So I love seeing an inclusive sizing range.
The Women's MT500 Spray Trouser have quite a few adjustment features. There is a velcro waist adjuster Which acts like a belt to keep the trouser in the right place. I normally have them on the tightest fitting and they work great for me. The waist at the front has a zip and popper fastening to really make sure there is no way of your pants falling down. I mean that would be pretty embarrassing. 
The baggy spray trousers also have lower leg adjustment so you can easily get your trousers on and off. These make the trouser a really nice shape on the bike and allow a lot more freedom of movement and no change of any material catching on your bike. 

The Endura woman spray trousers also have some thigh vents for some extra ventilation. 

Knee pads compatible 
Of course one of the most important thing about any mountain biking trousers is do knee pads fit underneath them. I have tried all my Endura knee pad under these from the bulkiest Endura's MT500 hard shell knee pads to the slimmer line one and they all fit like a dream and still allows you to have full freedom of movement on the bike. You can actually see the water beading in these photos. 

Other notable features
The Endura Spray trousers also feature two zip pockets to secure your items.

My Review

I was at first completely drawn to the colour of these. They remind me of team Atherton. Now I am not saying if you buy these you will be able to shred down a trail at Rachel or Gee's speed. These MT500 spray trousers were built for riders who are not afraid to hit the trails in any weather and we know that is me. 

I really like the cut of these trousers I like that they are baggy but not too baggy. Being overly baggy just wouldn't work for me on the bike. I would be all tangled and headfirst in a bush. These are a great shape for me. 

They fit me really well which is no mean feat as I am an unusual size. I am pretty small thanks to all the cycling and training I do. I am over the moon with Endura sizing range in these trousers.  

They are so comfy to wear you forget you are wearing MTB trousers. I have complete freedom of movement on my bike. I move around my bike a lot, especially when riding wet loamy trails. It is always best to be able to do some crazy moves on the bike than fall right and that is me. I will use my body to save me sometimes. 

The Women MT500 spray Baggy trousers II have been crashed in and they survived. As I said I like to move about the bike that doesn't always mean I ain't coming off. The trouser held up really well without any marks or anything. 

So the storm test. They might not be fully waterproof but they did help keep me on the trails when the weather was wet and awful. I get cold really easily and these kept me drier for long enough to stay out on the bike even in a hoolie. The waterproof back panel is a god send and just amazing for winter and autumn riding. 

So all in all I would highly recommend the Endura MT500 Spray trousers II to any woman who is looking for winter riding pants that will keep you pedalling for longer this winter season. Plus the red colour is amazing. 

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