Enduras new MT500 MIPS Helmet Review

Today we are going to talk about a very important subject, mountain biking helmets. I have had many helmets over the years. I have been biking for quite a few years now. I have had everything from stupidly heavy full facers to extra light roadie helmets and I like to think I know a thing or two about the subject. 

I am a massive advocator that all cyclists should wear a helmet. I have been unfortunate enough to see some horrendous crashes and I can promise you helmets should be mandatory. I, like a lot of us bikers have had a couple concussions in the past and thank goodness I was wearing a helmet. 

Quite a few years ago, was one of my worst to date.  I was going down a trail I do at Nevis Range. I do it all the time, every ride there in fact. But this time all I know is I woke up on the ground with a pain in the head. I had fallen off and my head had smashed off a massive rock. I had passed out and had a terrible concussion from it and a nice big dent in my helmet. But thank goodness I was wearing one. I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't been. So wear helmets kids. Big crashes can happen anywhere from trails you know like the back of your hand to new trails. It is so important we protect our noggin right? 

Endura MT500 MIPS Helmet. 

I have been very lucky and got my hands or head even on one of Endura's MT500 MIPS helmets. I have had the predecessor to the helmet and loved it so what is new and is this better than its award-winning predecessor? 

The Endura MT500 MIPS Helmet comes in 6 colour ways. Which is an amazing amount of colours and gives everyone an option for one they like. The colours are black, concrete grey, olive green, spruce green, white and paprika. Paprika is the one I am wearing today. 

Before we go into the design let's talk sizing. The Endura MT500 Mips helmet comes in three sizes S-M which is 51-56cm, M-L 55-59cm and L-XL 58-63cm. A really good range of heads can be covered with the Endura MT500 Mips helmet.

I am a bit of a pea-head. I will not lie to you my head is small. I have in the past really struggled to get helmets that fit me. I have been biking for many years and in the past I had to wear children's helmets. No I am not joking. Pea head problems. But thank goodness for mountain biking development and the range of helmets getting better and better with each and every year.

Enter Endura into my life and I have found their helmets fit me the best. But I have to say the Endura MT500 Mips is the best fit I have ever had the new adjustment cradle incorporated into the MIPS design has a massive range on it and you can tighten or loosen it to your needs.  with a super easy chin strap system too. I wear an S-M.   

After chatting with the lovely people over at Endura I know the amount of development that went into this New MT500 helmet. To say they have really put the work in would be an understatement. When you have already built an award-winning helmet the pressure is on with any new launch but wow the MT500 MIPS helmet is cram packed with features. 

Built with increased coverage along with Koroyd and Mips protection and large vents this really has had an overhaul in the design and style whilst still keeping all endura style and flare. 

So if you are new to Endura helmets. You might be wondering what is Koroyd. Well, you know on Endura helmets where you see what looks like a honeycomb. That is not just a nice-looking design feature. It is in fact 3D formed Koroyd insert which provides lightweight and breathable protection for your head. But this is not just any protection this is highly tested superior and award-winning protection. If you have ever picked up an endura helmet you will be surprised by just how light they are and this is in part down to Koroyd. For more info on exactly what Koroyd is click here

I think most mountain bikers are aware of MIPS. We have all been amazed by the videos on this invention. MIPS brain protection system is basically designed to reduce the rotational motion which is transferred to the brain when you crash. Which in turn helps when you take big impacts. 

So the New Endura MT500 MIPS helmet has both Koroyd and MIPS in my opinion making it one of the safest enduro helmets on the market. I mean if you were to design a helmet after learning about both these systems you would want to have them both right and that is exactly what Endura have done. 

Other notable features 

The MT500 MIPS Helmet is super lightweight and breathable. With lots of nice large vents for increased airflow which also included a top airflow vent to help with getting increased airflow in your helmet.  To help stop your head from getting too hot.

Speaking of getting too hot all the padding in this helmet is super soft fast wicking, quick drying and removable. 

Extra features 

Goggles and Glasses compatible

Designed to be goggles friendly and with a built-in rear strap gripper. Dont worry if you are more of a glasses wearer like me. Endura has also taken this into consideration and the front vents act as a nice place to store your glasses on climbs too. 

The visor on the MT500 MIPS Helmet is removable. It also has some of the best adjustments I have ever seen in a helmet meaning goggles straps fit nicely for the climbs too. 

The Endura MT500 MIPS helmet also comes with an accessory mount, accessory clip and light mount. 

Endura Crash Replacement 
The MT500 MIPS Helmet is covered by the Endura crash replacement policy. This means if you have a crash in your helmet. All you need to do is send the damaged helmet to Endura with proof of purchase and you can get another at 50% discount. This is off the same model if available. 

My Review
I have never had a better-fitting helmet. Endura helmets have always fitted me but this one hits different. It really has that range of adjustability and feels like it was made for my head. I feel so comfortable in this helmet. It is super lightweight and easy to use. Now I know what you are thinking but bear with me. I hate an over complicated helmet. I have had a few that are just too fiddly to put on my head. You know the ones you spend half your time trying to work out the clips or how the adjustment works. This one is made for me. Put on your head and ride whilst feeling safe. 

I love that I can use it with goggles and glasses. I wear glasses a lot on most rides as my eye runs a lot and I find helmets are either made for one or another and this is good for both. So Thanks Endura. I really feel like this is a helmet built for actual riders. It is built to look good, yes but to protect your head most importantly. I am over the moon with this helmet and I love wearing it knowing how well-protected if the worst does happen to me. 

I hope you enjoyed this little review. Do let me know what you would like me to review next you can comment here or head to my Instagram

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