8 tips for fat loss.

Fat Loss Tip 1 - Total Body Workouts If fat loss is your goal you need to train the whole body every workout. The more exposure each muscle has to exercise the bigger the results, so don’t just train each muscle once a week. If you do train the whole body every workout just remembers to give yourself 48hrs rest between sessions to let your body repair and recover. Why train each muscle only once a week? Would you do cardio once a week and expect results?

Fat Loss Tip 2 – Big payoff Exercises Use large compound exercises which use more than one muscle group. These include squats, deadlifts, pushing and pulling exercises, rotational movements and combination lifts. These exercises recruit a great deal more muscle than machine weights and isolation exercises, which will, in turn, ignite your metabolism. Isolation exercises such as bicep curls and leg extensions only use one muscle group at a time.

Fat Loss Tip 3 – Supersets Superset means performing two different exercises in sequence rather than doing all the sets of a particular exercise one after another, e.g. squats then chin up’s. The good thing about using supersets is that you are using different muscles in succession. Each muscle gets a chance to recover while you work another muscle, therefore you can decrease the rest periods. Which will keep your heart rate high and supercharge your metabolism. Another benefit of supersets is that your recovery rate will increase and you can perform the same workout in a shorter amount of time.

Fat loss Tip 4 – Strength Train First Always do your strength training before you do your cardio workout. If you perform your weights program first you will be able to lift heavier for longer, meaning you’ll increase your lean muscle tissue. As an added bonus your energy levels are low from the weight training, therefore you’ll begin burning fat a lot quicker when you do your cardio, maximizing on the afterburn effect.

Fat Loss Tip 5 – Use Free Weights and Cables Every minute you spend in the gym needs to be time efficient so don’t waste your time, stay away from machine weights. Machine weights create muscle imbalances, do little to create a metabolic response and require you to use a few motor skills. Free weights and cables will allow your muscles to move through a greater range of motion and activate the stabilizing muscles. More muscles trained equals more calories burned through increased lean muscle mass.

Fat Loss Tip 6 – Rep ranges Between 8-12 Scientific studies show that training between 8-12 reps produces the most significant gains in lean muscle tissue. This is extremely beneficial since muscle is the only tissue that’s metabolically expensive. Training with lightweights and large reps for fat loss is a myth! The bottom line is the more lean muscle mass you develop, the more calories you burn, the leaner you become and the easier it becomes to stay lean.

Fat Loss Tip 7 – Post Workout Shake Consume protein and carbs within thirty minutes of putting your last weight down, it’s not just what you do in the gym it’s how well you can recover. Protein is the building block for muscle, carbs help to transport it to where it needs to go, this alone can make a huge difference.

Fat Loss Tip 8 – Short Rest Periods It’s been scientifically proven that short rest periods between 30-60 seconds produce the most amounts of testosterone and growth hormone. Growth hormone will help your muscles grow and help your body use fat for energy. Ladies don’t worry about getting to “bulky” from weight training, this is a myth you will become lean and toned. Women only have about 1/10th the amount of testosterone levels that men have, the hormone responsible for building muscle, In addition, men’s weight routines and nutritional programs are usually designed specifically for gaining muscle.

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