Fitness on holiday? What do you really need?

When travelling, many people look for hotels that offer something more, including top of the line fitness features. What's important to you when you travel?

No matter where you are travelling to from Hull in the UK to Huston in the USA your fitness requirements are always the same.  What do you look for when selecting hotels? If you've already picked the destination and are scanning the various amenities and features of each of the accommodations in the area, do you think about your fitness needs? For some people, the thought of going on a trip means forgetting all about their workouts and routines. For others, it's a habit. It might be a must for your health or you may love the way your body feels after a solid workout. For those who think it matters, there are some key features to look for in a hotel before you book your stay.

The Fitness Room
One of the most common features to look for in these hotels is a gym. You need to think about what you need? Do you normally do a 10k on a treadmill followed by free weights? You need to check your hotel or complex has these items. I would check to see if they have a running circuit. Some hotel has mapped out running or cycling routes. 

The Spa
You are on holiday and this is the time to get a bit of TLC especially if like me you work out hard. A good massage can do wonders for your body. If there a jacuzzi and a steam room on offer if so great these can help the muscles relax.  

The Onsite Options
What about trying something new like a game of tennis? Or a round of golf? Is there an opposite pool or even better beach with options to scuba dive or snorkel? 

There is no excuse to let your fitness take a back seat when you are travelling. Unless of course, this is what you want to do. But if not do your research. 

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