Zwift - The best group rides for beginner

Today, We are back talking Zwift. I am still in the early learning stages of Zwift. I thought it's a good Idea to take you along with me. I have upped my goal to 40Miles Per week on Zwift. At the moment I am passing that with ease I want a lower mileage as I mountain bike and attend fitness classes so don't want to burn my self out. 

As a complete beginner. I want to share with you the best group rides to join to get used to group rides. 

First, what is a group ride and how do you join. 
A group ride is an organised ride at a certain time of day or day of the week. These can be recurring ones like every Saturday morning or special events. 

How to join one. Set up Zwift As shown here, You are logged in to Zwift and companion app. Awesome. Let's log into a group ride.  On the companion app.
Click the events tab. Here are all the events today. 

Next click on the filter option. This is where you can choose your category. 
If like me you're a beginner you are category D. So select group ride and D. This will filter the group rides which you can do. 
Decide which race would suite you. 

Click on the race and To join you click the orange + sign. 

You have the option of setting a reminder. 
So you are warned when your group ride is about to begin. 

Now how to actually join the ride. 

You enter Zwift as normal. Make sure all your sensors are working. 

When you are taken to the normal ride screen. You can see at the bottom
left a small blue box with join event. Just click this and you are transported to the group ride. 

The best group rides for a novice like me. 

Pack 1.5 beginners ride-breakfast with tony
Revo Social SUB2
Seattle baby steps 1.0-1.3w
Pack 1.5 beginners ride - coffee with Ali
Pack Slackers SUB2

These are some of the group rides I have done. 
I will do a full post on Women-only rides coming soon. 

I hope this has helped you get started on your Zwift Journey. 


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