Out of the box fitness? Scuba Diving anyone?

I have been thinking about out of the box ways to keep fit and active lately. I don't think I have ever spoken about this before. A great and fun way to get some fitness in whilst exploring the unknown world is scuba diving

Where I live in the north-west of Scotland a lot of people are employed to be scallop divers and it's a great way to keep your fitness up as well as the other benefits. I think in the UK people are less likely to do this sport then elsewher
e. But nothing should stop you from seeing the wonder under own sea. 

Firstly invest in a good wetsuit. There is no point starting with a basic wetsuit as it will affect your dive so invest in a quality suit. My own is a 7mm one so it keeps me cosy even in the north sea. Of course, you will need some lessons and you can get these through PADI

I was very lucky and when I lived in Nairn in the highlands I went swimming with the Moray Firth dolphins or rather the same and had a nosey at me when I was having a swim in the sea. I have to say I had a bit of a jaws moment when I felt something pushing past me. Believe me, they are a lot bigger than you could ever think. I was with my husband and they stayed with us for ages. In fact, we left them before they left us. It was an incredible experience. 

There are many health benefits in scuba diving, My 5 favourites are 

1. No shock here your fitness level will increase. Your muscle needs to work harder under water which in turn gives you a fantastic workout. 

2. Helps improve flexibility.  Your muscles will work differently underwater and this will stretch them in ways you have never stretched them before. The great thing about water is it stretches you in such a natural and easy way that you don't even notice it. Free yoga!

3. Saltwater in itself has many health benefits, think about when you get a cut if you put it in salt water it heals faster. Plus it always helps to clear my skin acting as a more natural cleanser. Your body needs salt to run what a great way to get in in your system. whilst seeing fish and sea life you have never seen before. 

4. Stress relief, there is nothing better than floating in the sea. I find this raises endorphins making me feel happy and relax. As you know I am a natural worrier and I find if I spend some time in the water I can centre myself easier then on land. I find it reminds me how small I am and there is a whole world outside of my head that is there if I am worrying or if I don't. 

5.  There have been numerous studies that say diving will reduce blood pressure. In this day and age, there are a lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure. Anything we can do to combat this is great in my book. 

Have you ever tried scuba diving? 

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