van conversion -what flooring for muddy bikers

So you may not know this but my husband and I have a side project at the moment. We will be documenting it as it progresses but I wanted to tell you about this week's struggles. 

Flooring. As It's driving me up the wall. 

We bought a Fiat Ducato van to convert into a motorhome. To make life easier to travel with our bikes and our dogs. After what felt like months of searching we found a van. This started the never-ending search for van components and content. 

My job this week is flooring. OH, MY goodness who knew flooring would have me spending hours on the internet. Trying to find out what you can and can't put in a van convert. from carpet to wood flooring, what is right for the van.

I felt like Goldie locks as I sat with charts and diagrams. Finding out that click wooden flooring is too heavy and decals are not good enough. Have you ever thought about the weight or depth of flooring before? No me either and contrary to believe, I have bought flooring before. when it's for your house you don't really think about the millimetres, do you. There are so many types of wooden flooring. 

What do I need
I need the flooring to make the van not only waterproof but also look good. It must cover the entire back of the van. Be easy to fit and not look like an old kitchen floor. It has to be easy to clean with dogs and mucky bikers inside. It must be not too thick and not too thin. The floor is insulted but this will also add some warmth.  You must remember you need every extra millimetre of height as this is your living room. 

I looked at carpet tiles but they seemed really difficult to find and they can be hard to cut to shape. plus once water gets into them, I worry about them not drying out completely and then there is the possibility of them smelling or going mouldy. So that's a no to any kind of carpet than for the floor. 

Why are van converts so difficult to the floor. I have decided that it will have to be good quality flooring That will last the test of time and give us the waterproofing we need and the style, we want.  This will be our home away from home and I am not sacrificing style and quality. 
they will be easy to fit and easy to cleans. This ticks all my boxes. 

Now I have the biggest choice of what pattern do I want. I looked at loads and I have decided on a light ash wood effect. This giving a more rustic look. I initially wanted a dark floor but my husband pointed out two reasons this wouldn't work. One being our lovely white-haired dalmatian and two dark colours can make small spaces seem enclosed. Our kitchen unit is an oak colour so this should match quite well. I will pop photos in when we have completed the job. 

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