How mountain biking saved me

How did I get into mountain biking?
As a child I always had bikes. I remember my first mountain bike. Well, the first one I can remember. A purple Peugeot. It was far to be for me and I remember struggling to reach the pedals. I grew up in the northern highlands. I can imagine Santa had to just take a gamble with sizing. I spent most summer cycling around my local area. Including trying to get my bike own deer paths. Mostly not successfully. 

As I entered my college years. Biking was the last thing on my mind. It wasn't until I met my now husband. That we both decided to get a mountain bike on the cycle to work scheme. I was friendly with a guy at work who was into mountain biking and I remember asking him what to get. He said more than anything else get disc brakes and suspension. We both when to a local bike shop and ended up with a Merida bike. I remember we spent about £600 on the bikes each and I couldn't believe the price. Little did I know what I was getting my self in to. 

Without little Merides. We would go around the local fire roads and bumble about. This soon leads to our first trail centre. Then we never looked back. My husband progressed a lot faster than me. He did more riding. 

I went through a really hard time at work and suffered severe depression and anxiety. I spent a month not being able to leave my flat. I remember my first time back on the bike at Nevis range when I felt strong enough to get outdoors. I felt free again. 

I know what you are thinking but I did feel free. There is something about the wind in your hair, freezing your butt of flying around a trail that is just the most relaxing and tension releasing thing you can do. I slowly used mountain biking to regain some confidence and hit the trails as often as I could. 

I really feel that mountain biking is a great help when it comes to depression. You have to concentrate on what you are doing on the trail and leave all the other thoughts behind you. 

Little did I know the day we collected our bikes it would lead to a lifetime passion. Long gone is my Media and I am now the proud owner of a Nukeprood Mega, Sommet hardtail and a Vitus DH bike. Alone with a new road bike. It is safe to say biking is now our life. If we are not on the local trails. We are away in our specify build van conversion to places from Andorra to Wales. 

If I ever get too much in my head. I jump on my bike and ride. From a trail centre to a quick Zwift blast. It really is perfect for clearing your thought and helping you recenter. 

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