5 of the best rides in Scotland.

Scotland, UK
Today we are talking about my favourite trails to ride in Scotland. These are in my opinion, the best trails, We have to offer, Up here in Scotland. There will be individual posts on each venue to come.  But this is a quickfire. Where is best to mountain bike in Scotland. All will be linked below. So check out the links for more info. 

1. Nevis Range, Fort William. 
This will be no shock here as it is my local trail centre and home to the UCI world cup. If you like mountain biking, you will know this venture. It is not only a trail centre with routes graded from blue to black but it has two downhill tracks. One being the world famous track used in the world cup downhill. There are a lot of local trails here too. 

Parking here is free during winter and a small charge in summer. It is fully equipped with cafes, toilets showers and bike shop. 

2. Glentress 7stanes, Peebles
This again is a trail centre venue with a huge range of routes from family-friendly greens, to hard blacks. I think this is a fun trail centre and has a skills park. I love the bermy routs and there are some great jumps to practice your skills on. If you are looking for a fun day with plenty of choices this is a great option. One word of warning the black cross country is very long and Not that great. 

This venture has lots of parking. Allday is £5. There is a cafe and bike shop. Toilets and fantastic shower facility. 

3. Laggan wolf trax, Laggan
Another of my more local trail centres. This one is a smaller venue if you are unfamiliar with it. 
But it is crammed with fantastic rides. This has a range of family-friendly greens to a tough black route. There is also Laggan brown side which is across the road. It is packed with loamy rooty trails and steep descents. Check out Strava for more info on this. 

This is again paid for parking £5 per day. There is a cafe open Tuesday to Sunday. peak season. Toilets bike shop and shower. This is a smaller mountain biking centre. 

4.  Innerleithen Golfie or caberston. Inverleithen
I have just found the love of these trails. They are tough, to say the least. Think step descents with lots of roots to make things pretty interesting. This is at the moment my favourite place to be. I am just back from three days at the golfie. They are named this as they start at Innerleithen golf club. The climb is brutal but by god, the trails are worth it. This is not for beginners car parking is free. There are no facilities nearby. rumour has it this is a proposed site of a new trail centre with chair life. Sign me up.  Since you are in Innerleithen you might as well check out no1 peebles road this is a local cafe with a huge biking crown and food to die for. 

5. Ardverikie trail. Kinloch Laggan
This is a fun route. With the bonus of seeing one of the most gorgeous castles in the area. If you ever watched monarch of the glen then you are in for a treat as you ride right past the castle. This is just under 40-mile circular route. Taking in long fire road and a hike a bike before a pretty long descent. This is defo better on a dry day to take in the best views. 

No facilities anywhere nearby so pack accordingly. Parking is in a layby, at least it's free. 

So that is my top 5 trails in Scotland. What are yours? 

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