the best biking glasses? The Oakley Radar EV path

Yesterday I finally got out on the road bike. To set the scene for you. We live rurally and our van conversion was in the garage for its MOT. y husband and I had to go and collect it. I know what your thinking that must have been a quick ride. Not quite. We road from our home in Mallaig to Acharacle to get our van. 35 miles over some of the steepest climbs, I have ever done. One is a 10% gradient. So not the easiest ride.

One of my biggest problem when on any of my bikes is being able to see. If like me you are a biker or runner you know what I mean. Not only do you have to contend with bugs but all that the weather can throw at you. I want to introduce you to my new biking must have The Oakley Radar EV Path Tour De France Edition. I got mine from eyewearthese.com. They have all the best designer glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices. 

 So let's start at the beginning. Yesterday turned out to be the ultimate test of these glasses. We managed to encounter the following weather conditions. Rain, bright sun, Mist and headwinds.

I have always had real issues with glasses fogging up. I have tried so many pairs of glasses. They have all promised me the world and proved to be lying. These Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses never fogged up once. I was amazed. My husband had to stop a couple of times to clean his glasses. This was not something I had at all. Huge thumbs up here. 

These have phenomenal visibility, I have honestly never had glasses that have no restrictions.  They have ventilation around the top of the frame. I was worried this would cause the fast-moving air to hit my face but they are designed perfectly and I didn't know there was any ventilation. 

They are super lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The nose pad is the most comfortable I have used. No matter what glasses I normally wear after a while I have to re-adjust them on my nose this was not the case with these. There is also extra grip on the legs to add to comfort and protection. Let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? I have a very small head. I get the smallest sized helmet and normally I have a problem with adult sized glasses. Normally glasses which fit me would never fit my husband for instance. These fit me perfectly with no adjusting or constant pushing. This made me a bit worried for all you normal headed people. Thinking they would not fit you. I had to bite the bullet and let my husband have a shot. He loved them and they fitted him like a dream. I think it is Oakleys ear sock design which has grip added to it. So go and buy with confidence. 

These come with one lens but you can buy others. I think I will pick up the clear lenses for mountain biking. Considering we rode in some extreme weather changes yesterday, these lenses seem to work for every type of weather from the low light to the bright sun.  I could not find a fault with these glasses and I am super picky. We both know if I could I would tell you all about it. I think I might have to get my husband a pair now. He is very jealous of them. 

I thought I would shares some of the photos of our ride with you all. Lots of photos below. 


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