getting started on the trails.

Mountain biking is a daunting prospect if you are a novice, mountain biking is a physically demanding sport and you need to have the right amount of power and stamina to conquer specific types of mountain bike trails. If you are a novice, do not overestimate your capacity to negotiate mountain bike trails. There is really no point risking some serious injuries. Believe me, If it is not worth it. 

So be very careful in choosing one. There are plenty of mountain bike trails that are suitable for novices. Forget about those challenging trails that end up at the top of the mountain. You can try those types of trails later when you have gained enough confidence in the field. To stay on the safe side, take a trail that loops back to your first point. Now, do not think that these types of trails are too easy or not challenging enough for you. There are plenty of circular trails that pose great challenges to mountain bikers. 

Take great care to inspect your proposed routes before deciding on the type of bike you may want to get. Evaluate your skills and capabilities for managing the trails. You will need to match your skills and energies with the problems of the trails, so please be truthful, when making an assessment. If you think that you cannot negotiate a trail that is full of rocks and uphill climbs, then, by all means, do not take that trail. There is no point of punishing yourself by taking these types of passes. This will just leave you feeling down and not enjoy yourself like you should. Trails are fun. But this is a progression sport. 

You will also have to decide on the distance you need to travel and this will determine your decision on the type of bike you may want. If the trail is too lengthy for you to negotiate all the way. Always remember that as a novice, you need to go through a cycle of adjustment. You cannot really expect yourself to do long distance biking early on so be tolerant. You will have heaps of time to do long distance biking once you are well-adjusted to your routine. As a new rider, it would be a lovely idea for you to negotiate the trail with a buddy. Departing through a mountain bike trail with a friend is not only safer but it is a lot more fun. Believe me, a climb is better fun with someone to chat to.

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